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Setting Up Auto Attendant


Auto Attendant allows you to create an automated receptionist with personalized messages to answer the phone or route calls to the appropriate party with features such as dial by name, or dial by number. It is available with the VoiceManager Anywhere package and IP Centrex service.

Auto Attendant improves customer service by making sure your customers reach who they need, when they need them. It also provides an automated way to deliver information to customers such as business hours, directions, and sales promotions.

Before you can set up Auto Attendant and manage it through the portal, you need to contact a Cox Business representative to add the Auto Attendant feature to your account.

Use the steps below to create an Auto Attendant.


On the MyAccount Sign In page, enter your User ID and Password, then click the Sign In button.


Click Voice Settings.
Click Voice Settings


Click the Call Settings tab.


Under the Call Receiving section, click the Auto Attendant link.


Click the Add Auto Attendant link.


Click the arrow or link for the tab in which you want to create or change settings: 

  • General Auto Attendant
  • Auto Attendant for Business Hours
  • Auto Attendant for After Hours

Then follow the steps below for your selection.

General Auto Attendant Settings 

Use these steps to configure a general Auto Attendant.

  1. Enter a Name for the Auto Attendant.
  2. Click the Phone Number drop down menu to select which number the Auto Attendant feature is assigned.
  3. Enter the specific Auto Attendant Extension of the general phone number to which the caller should be sent, if applicable.
  4. Click the Account Number drop down menu to select the appropriate account to associate to the Auto Attendant.

    : If there is more than one business location, there will be multiple accounts from which to choose.
  5. Click the Time Zone drop-down menu to select the appropriate time.
  6. Choose to allow Dial by Extension or Dial by Name functionality.
  7. Click the radio button to select the Name Dialing Format for customers to use.

Note: You will need to provide dialing instructions to callers in your recording.

Auto Attendant for Business and After Hours Settings 

You can create an Autos and menu tree options for callers based on specific time schedules. Use the steps below to configure this type of Auto Attendant.

If you do not need a custom schedule, click the drop-down menu and select Every Day, All Day, or provide a specific time period.

  1. To build a custom time period, click the Add a Regular Schedule link and enter the required information.
  2. Click either the Default or Custom greeting radio button to designate the messaging desired.
  3. When selecting Custom greetings, click the Select Greetings link.
  4. Click Browse to add a file.
  5. Click the checkbox to accept the disclaimer.
  6. Click the Continue button.
  7. Click Enable First-Level Extension Dialing to allow the caller to dial the desired extension immediately following the greeting without waiting for the next level of audio prompts.
  8. Enter an explanation of the menu tree option in the Description field for each number that is listed.
  9. Click the Action drop-down menu for each Description entered.
  10. Click the action desired.
  11. Click the Save and Return button to return to the main screen.

Result: A message indicates the Auto Attendant settings updated successfully.

Enabling an Auto Attendant

Once the Auto Attendant has been created, click the On checkbox next to it's name and click the Save button to enable it. You may disable an Auto Attendant at any time by removing the check from the On box.