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Are the cables in your living room creating a jungle? Don't worry – we'll help you untangle things so that Digital Television makes sense. Just pick the category that describes your problem, and we'll guide you through it – step-by-step.

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View frequently asked questions about On DEMAND including information on playback and recording functionality.


Playback Features

Can I get information about a program I'm watching?

Yes. Press the INFO button twice, on the remote.

Can I pause or rewind a rental movie?

Yes. After the rental movie starts, use the Play, Pause, FFWD, REW, and STOP buttons the way you would with a DVD player.

Can I FFWD the commercials in MyPrimetime?

No. The MyPrimetime shows are designed to run exactly like they did during the original broadcast.

Can I find out how many shows I've purchased or viewed recently?

Yes. The Purchased and Recently Viewed lists are unique for each digital receiver in your home. The program you’re watching in your bedroom only appears in the lists on your bedroom receiver. The lists are accessed from the horizontal scroll bar along the bottom of the On DEMAND menu screens.


Recording On DEMAND Shows

Can I record a rental movie on DVR?

No. Embedded copyright code prevents most rental movies from recording to DVR or other media.


Using PINs

Can I restrict others from renting movies?

Yes. You can set up a Purchase PIN using the Settings or Menu button on the remote. Write down and save the PIN in a safe place

Can I restrict access to certain channels?

Yes. You can set up a Parental Control PIN to restrict access to:

  • A particular channel, such as an On DEMAND Subscription channel
  • All TV content with a particular rating, such as TV-14
  • All TV content broadcast during a particular time of day

Can I change the Purchase or Parental Control PIN?

Yes. You can use your remote to change either number by pressing SETTINGS (or MENU), the A key, and then using the down arrow to choose the type of PIN option. Use the right arrow to choose the Enable, Disable, or Change option and follow the prompts on the TV screen.

What if I forget my PIN?

Simply contact us. After you verify your identity, the service representative will reset your PIN.


Getting On DEMAND Services

What do I need to receive On DEMAND services?

For Movies & Events:

  • Cox Digital Cable service and digital receiver

For FreeZone:

  • Cox Expanded Basic Package
  • Cox Digital Cable service and digital receiver

For Premiums from Cox:

  • Subscription to premium On Demand channels, such as HBO on Demand, Showtime on Demand, Starz!, or Cinemax
  • Cox Digital Cable service and digital receiver

For Subscription Programs:

  • Subscriptions to either Animé Network, here! Network, or Disney Family Movies On Demand
  • Cox Digital Cable service and digital receiver

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