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Unable to Download Your PDF Bill

Last Updated: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 > Related Articles

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Install current Adobe software.


Unable to download your Bill?

Symptom: You click the link next to the red PDF icon from the View Bill page, but are unable to retrieve the bill.


  1. The current version of Adobe Acrobat software must be installed on your PC in order for you to view the latest PDF-format files, like your bill.
  2. You are unfamiliar with downloading PDFs

Solution #1: Click the “Need Adobe Reader?” link located below the “Download Bill (PDF)” link. Follow the prompts to download and install the Adobe Reader software.

When you return to View/Pay Bill and click the link next to the red PDF icon, you will be able to see the bill. You can also save it to your hard drive if desired.

Solution #2: Click the link next to the red PDF icon then choose the first icon in the grey bar at the bottom of the PDF. Next to Save in browse to Desktop. Next to File Name give the PDF a name or keep the name shown. Click Save. The image will be saved on your desktop.


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