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Reassign Device Buttons on the Cox Digital Interactive M1054 Remote Control

Last Updated: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 > Related Articles

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The mode buttons on the Cox Digital Interactive M1054 Remote Control can be reassigned to control different devices. For example, you can reassign the AUX button to control a second DVD.


Note: The AUX button is preprogrammed to control an RCA VCR.

Cox Digital Interactive M1054 Remote Control

To reassign a mode button to operate a different type of device, perform the following steps:
On the remote control, press the mode button for the type of device you want to reassign.

Result: The mode button button blinks once.

Press and hold the SETUP button until the mode button blinks twice, then release the SETUP button.
Using the number buttons on the remote, enter 9 - 9 - 2.

Result: The mode button blinks twice.

Press the appropriate button sequence for the button and device you want to reassign.

Result: After entering the sequence, the last mode button in the sequence blinks twice.


To reassign...Press mode buttons in this sequence...
TV as second DVD buttonpress DVD -  then press TV
TV as second AUX buttonAUX - TV
TV as second AUD buttonAUD - TV
TV back to TVTV - TV
DVD as second TV buttonTV - DVD
DVD as second AUX buttonAUX - DVD
DVD as second AUD buttonAUD - DVD
DVD back to DVDDVD - DVD
AUD as second TV buttonTV - AUD
AUD as second DVD buttonDVD - AUD
AUD as second AUX buttonAUX - AUD
AUD back to AUDAUD - AUD
AUX as second TV buttonTV - AUX
AUX as second DVD buttonDVD - AUX
AUX as second AUD buttonAUD - AUX
AUX back to AUXAUX - AUX
After reassigning the mode button, program the button using the manufacturer's code for the device following the steps in Program the Cox Digital Interactive M1054 Remote Control for a TV, DVD, VCR, or Stereo Receiver.

All steps complete.

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