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Activate WatchESPN on Xbox

Last Updated: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 > Related Articles

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Use the steps below to activate WatchESPN on your Xbox.


Before You Begin

  • You must be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to activate and access WatchESPN.  
  • Authentication is triggered when you click on any WatchESPN content (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN U etc.)
  • All Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have access to clips and content from ESPN.com. WatchESPN will allow you to view live events once you have been authenticated.
  • At this time Xbox will NOT be supporting Closed Captioning.
  • Some content will be Blacked-Out regardless of authentication such as 30 for 30 and WSOP.
  1. From the Xbox ESPN home screen, click on First Take.
    A screen displays the content that you clicked on and will prompt you to authenticate. 
  2. Click Choose your provider.
  3. Select Cox
    A URL will display for you to go to a web browser to continue. (http://watchespn.com/activate/cox).
  4. Go to a web browser (PC or Mac) and go to http://watchespn.com/activate/cox.  
  5. Cox should be pre-selected, enter the registration code displayed on your Xbox screen.
  6. Click Continue.
    The Cox.com login page displays.  
  7. Sign in with your Cox user ID and password
    The WatchESPN page displays and states,“You can now go back to your Xbox and enjoy ESPN programming.”
  8. Return to the Xbox and click Continue.   An “Authenticating…”  message displays verifying authentication status.
    Once complete, the First Take content will begin playing in the hero tile of the Xbox.

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