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Accessing Old Voice Mails During 30-Day Window

Last Updated: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 > Related Articles

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Learn how to access your older Cox Digital Voice Mail messages.


If you want to access old voice mail messages, you can do so for 30 days following an upgrade. However, all new voice mail messages will be sent to your new voice mailbox.

For more information visit http://cox.com/voicemail.

  1. Do you have Caller ID Block turned on?
    • If no, continue with step b.
    • If yes, lift the handset and press *82. This temporarily tuns off Caller ID Block for this procedure; then automatically turns it back on.
  2. From your home phone, dial *298 (or dial the 10-digit home phone number). 
  3. Enter the PIN number followed by the # key. 
  1. Press 5 to access your old voice mailbox.
  2. Enter the old mailbox PIN if prompted.
  3. Play any voice messages left.

Because all messages dated 31 days old are automatically deleted, all messages in the old mailbox will be deleted at some point during the 30-day period the mailbox is active.

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