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Applications Affected by Changing Cox Login User ID / Password

Last Updated: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 > Related Articles

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Learn more about which applications may be affected when changing your Cox login User ID or password.


When changing a user ID or password, it is important to note what other applications also use that same user ID or password.
Changing or resetting a Cox password or User ID may affect the ability to login to a number of other applications including, but not limited to the following.
Third party applications are not supported. Contact the vendor of the application for support.

Email Client Software

  • Outlook Express Email (POP3)
  • Mac Mail
  • Windows Mail (for Vista)
  • Third Party Email Clients

    Examples: Thunderbird, Eudora
  • Third Party Email Spam Blocking software
    Examples: McAfee SpamKiller, Mailwasher
Login will fail on next login if new password is not used or if Remember Password functionality has been checked.
Cox WebMailLogin may fail if new password is not used.

Cox.net Pages

  • Cox.net Home Page
  • Internet Tools
  • Phone Tools
  • Cox Security Suite Plus
Login may fail if new password is not used.

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