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Cox Tech Solutions Plans

Making your technology work for you
Subscription: CTS 24/7 Help Desk

Our most comprehensive plan provides unlimited tech support to train and troubleshoot your devices (including PC's and tablets) over the phone, by remote access or via chat, including:

General Assistance - 

  • Assistance with uploading photos to internet-based services
  • Help with basic usage of most common software
  • Sync contacts, e-mails, and calendar with computer, laptop or tablet
  • Sync mobile devices with PC application


Troubleshooting -

  • Addressing computer and tablet boot up problems
  • Diagnosing and fixing operating system issues
  • Troubleshooting and solving software problems  and sync issues
  • Troubleshooting/resolving problems such as error messages, persistent pop ups, system application crashes


Performance Optimization -

  • Assistance with general performance issues
  • Computer Tune-Up Service (Windows PC Only)


Security Set Up/Clean Up -

  • Detecting and removing viruses, spyware and malware
  • Securing a wireless network


Set-Up & Configuration Support -

  • Assistance with network set-up/configuration
  • Assistance with using/customizing OS features
  • Configuring data back up to a local storage device
  • Installation and set-up of computer software applications
  • Installation of applications from a tablet app store
  • Installation of smartphone software on computer, laptop or tablet
  • Set-up Bluetooth headset connection
  • Set-up connection to existing WIFI network
  • Tablet Quick Start Service
  • Voice based assistance with setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting connectivity with standard mobile and peripheral devices


Multi-device: $14.99 per month / $99.99* one-time PC Tune-Up (a $139.99 value)
Single device: $9.99 per month / $99.99* one-time PC Tune-Up (a $139.99 value)

* - Spread over three billing cycles.

CTS Single Incident Services

For single-incident technical issues, Cox offers premium technical support services on a one-time use basis.

Support options include Advisor for basic support, Troubleshooter for more difficult support issues, PC Tune-Up for boosting your PC's performance and Home Network services to set up, secure, or troubleshoot issues with your wireless home network.

CTS Advisor: For 24/7 help installing, configuring or understanding how to use your computer, applications or peripheral devices.

Remote: $59.99
In home: $149.99

CTS Troubleshooter:
For 24/7 help finding and fixing what’s ailing your computer.

Remote: $99.99
In home: $249.99

CTS PC Tune-Up:
 For 24/7 help to ensure your computer is running at peak performance.

Remote: $139.99

BEST VALUE: Only $99.99 when purchased with the 24/7 Help Desk subscription which provides any-time coverage for a low monthly fee.

CTS Home Networking:
For assistance with first-time setup, securing and troubleshooting your home network.

Remote: $59.99
In-home: $149.99

Additional Devices:
Available as an add-on if you have more than five computers or devices to connect to your home network.

Remote: $31.99/device
In home: $49.99/device

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Which option suits you? 24/7 Help Desk Single Device 24/7 Help Desk Multi Device
Number of Computers/Devices 1 2-4
PC Tune-Up $99.99 $99.99
Pricing $9.99 per month after PC Tune-Up $14.99 per month after PC Tune-Up
Around-the-Clock Tech Support (English & Spanish) Included Included
Virus Scan & Removal Included Included
Software Installation Included Included
Software Configuration Included Included
Software Removal Included Included
Application Support Included Included
Troubleshooting System & Software Included Included
Set Up & Configuration of Wireless Router/Gateway Included Included
Establish Wireless Encryption on Router Included Included
Connect Unlimited Number of Devices Included Included
Troubleshoot Wireless Network & Connected WiFi Devices Included Included
Configuration of Devices/Security Included Included
Configuration of Browser, Email, Chat applications Included Included
Secure Network Included Included
Safeguard Personal Info Included Included
Training, Education & Guidance Included Included
Phone Support Included Included
Chat Support Included Included
Remote Access Support Included Included
In-Home Discount Included Included

For residential customers in Cox service areas. Cox Tech Solutions service options have additional terms and conditions. Cox Tech Solutions is a service mark of Cox Communications.