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A Secure Call for Help

A Secure Call for Help


Cox Digital Telephone remains a trusted asset in times of trouble.




What's So Hot

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage


You have a lot of important information stored on your computer.  If your computer dies, some of those items might be lost forever. Why chance it?



Video Tech Tips

Video Tech Tips: Security

Security Tips, Tricks and Links


Worried about online safety? Learn about security from the Cox pros.




Your Cox Services

Your Cox Services

The ContourSM App


Revolutionary and easy to use, this new app is centered around you and what you want.





Data Usage

Data Usage Tips and Tools

Data Usage Tips and Tools


Save on Mobile. When at home switch to WiFi.






User Stories

My TV, My Phone, My Life

Video: My TV, My Phone, My Life


Our lives can be complicated. Find out how Cox makes it easier.





Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound

Can Home WiFi Ever Be Secure?


Keep your wireless connection safe with some simple precautions.





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Break Free From Your TV

Break Free From Your TV


Watch live or On DEMAND shows from anywhere with Cox mobile apps, included with your Advanced TV subscription.




Did You Know

Video: Maximizing Your Cox Hig

Maximizing Cox High Speed Internet

Want to know why we’re so excited about increasing our speeds on our most popular packages? 




Staying Connected

Kids and Texting

Your Kids and Texting


Here are a few things to keep in mind between the LOLs and OMGs.