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Cox Conserves

Acting Now. For Tomorrow.

Cox Conserves

Cox and its susidiaries can have a huge enviromental impact. Cox is reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the board by utilizing efficient heating and cooling systems, green energy sources, hybrid fleet vehicles, and more.

Cox Conserves

Alternate Cooling

The Ice Bear cooling system in a network building in San Diego allows peak energy offload for more efficiency—the system generates ice at night (when power is more efficiently produced) and this ice is used for cooling during the day.

Solar Power

In Orange County, Ca., Cox Communications is using the vast amount of roof space on its 300,000 square foot headquarters building to house 600 solar panels that reduce the company’s dependence on conventional power sources and eliminate approximately 100 tons of greenhouse gasses per year.

Creative Fleet Solutions

Cox is transitioning its 15,000-vehicle fleet by using flex-fuel vehicles and hybrids. The fleet currently has 257 hybrids and 1,400 vehicles that can run on biodiesel. Technicians utilize home start programs and GPS for more efficient job routing, reducing fuel use and emissions during commutes. In Cox’s Arizona system, the fleet tires are filled with nitrogen to improve wear and tear on the tire and improve gas mileage.


Cox facilities are equipped with recycling bins and many of the cafeterias have shifted to fully recyclable plates and cups. 

In West Warwick, RI, headquarters for Cox’s New England system, 75% of the cafeteria waste (more than 600 meals daily) is recycled—food and paper products are sent to a composting facility. This compost is returned to Cox several weeks later and used in the company’s landscaping. The fry oil from the cafeteria is donated for conversion to biodiesel.


Cox’s Arizona system received the 2007 International Citrix Innovation Award for a “green” telework call center program in which customer service reps field calls from home.