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LifeScript Health and Wellness Company

Irvine, California


LifeScript is a leading Health and Wellness company whose properties include, a top 10 trafficked Women’s Health portal and multiple brands of nutrition and wellness products marketed through most of the leading Internet Diet and Fitness properties.

“We’ve got an online subscriber base of 12 million and we send out six publications daily, so our bandwidth needs are vast,” Hogan said. “And we felt like Cox went above and beyond what other providers could give us. For instance, they gave us a free upgrade and installation.”


And when LifeScript needed a line from their office in Irvine to the data center, Cox Business installed a new fiber line for free when it might’ve cost over $10,000 from a competitor’s standpoint. “Compared to our previous data source, Cox Business had much greater stability between the data center and our office,” continued Hogan.


Not only was LifeScript the first customer on Cox Business’s fiber backbone in that area, but LifeScript also took advantage of Cox point-to-point and TV. “They have always been extremely helpful. Their customer service is very responsive. I feel like Cox has more of a partnership with LifeScript.

When we sought a solutions provider, Cox had the best offering and was unmatched by the other providers. We’ve had zero issues with our data in the year that we’ve used Cox Optical Internet. A solid product and a very good price point. An impressive tip of the hat to Cox Business for going above and beyond for us.”

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