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Osborn Elementary School District

Phoenix, Arizona


“Working with Cox Business assures us that we’ll continue to have the best tools to meet our students’ needs, and that will make a difference to the future of our students.”
Judy Miner - Director of Community Development, Osborn School District

Services Provided: Fiber Network OC-3 Circuits DS-1 Circuits PRI Circuits

An urban school district, Osborn includes 6 schools and 4,000 students ranging from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. The district wanted to improve student learning skills by expanding its computer technology. But its technology infrastructure relied on unreliable microwave connections between schools. Plus, the bandwidth capacity was limited. Because of cost issues, however, the immediate goal was updating the old infrastructure.


"Cox Business didn't just give us a price," said Chris Lieurance, director of technology for the school district. "They asked questions and found that I needed more capacity in addition to stability. They gave me more capacity than the others did, but at the same price."

Cox Business created a fiber network that encompassed the district's 8 office and school locations. They provided a combination of OC-3, DS-1 and PRI circuits to meet the district's growing technology demands. In addition, Cox Business expanded the partnership by providing other services, from supplying paint for the district's new technology bus to helping the district use distance learning for the first time.


The Osborn Elementary School District became the first Cox Model Technology School in Arizona. The virtually unlimited technology allows the district to access a statewide education portal that includes an expansive collection of educational tools and resources. This allows the district to meet the goals of the Arizona Education Standards, which will put them well ahead of many other districts in the state.

In addition, test results from pre-kindergarten students in classrooms with computers revealed a definite improvement in problem-solving skills.

"We're still at the beginning stages of what we can do with our network," said Judy Miner, director of community development. "What's important is we now have a network in place to take new opportunities and run with them. This relationship with Cox Business is critical in that process."

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