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Voice Support

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Using Voice Portal - Admin

Last Updated: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 > Related Articles


Learn how to use VoiceManager's Voice Portal.


Voice Portal provides the Administrator with the ability to access VoiceManager remotely from any telephone number. This allows them to record and upload a new greeting for their Auto Attendant service.


Flexibility — Enables Auto Attendant greeting recording changes to be made from any phone at any time.
Continuity — Modify Auto Attendant greetings remotely in the event of an operational issue that impacts building access, facility power, or other system capabilities.



From the Voice Administration menu, click the Services option.

Click the Voice Portal link.

Click the Voice Portal link.



Check the Use Voice Portal Wizard checkbox to allow users to set up their own access to Voice Portal.


Enter the Administrator Password you want to use to access voice portal in the Type Password space. 

This must be a numeric value from 6-8 characters; and it should be different than the password set up for Voice Portal at a User level.


Re-enter the password in the Re-type Password space.

Click OK.

Remote Access and Use of Voice Portal


Call the Voice Portal from a remote phone and dial the outside Voice Portal number provided to your company by Cox.

Enter the 10-digit Auto Attendant number followed by # when the system prompts you for your 10-digit office telephone number.

Press the asterisk * key and 9999# when the system prompts you for your passcode.

This is the internal command that produces the 10-digit string requested.


Enter your passcode and #.


You have two options you can use to make modifications:

  • Option 1 - use the steps provided to change or record an Auto Attendant greeting.
  • Option 3  - enables you to change the Administrator passcode for Voice Portal.


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