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Voice Support

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Personal Call Manager

Last Updated: Tue, 12 Apr 2016 > Related Articles


Learn about Personal Call Manager feature for VoiceManager


Personal Call Manager is a powerful web-based tool that enables you to make, receive, and re-route calls from your office, on the road, or from almost anywhere in the world where you have online access and a telephone that can be direct-dialed.


Mobility — Places, answers, and re-routes calls from an Internet browser and any direct-dialed telephone number regardless of your location. 

Service — Offers one-click dial for frequently called numbers, conferences dialed parties, and provides a more professional call handling experience with Music On Hold options through a single computer screen.

Accessing Personal Call Manager


From the Voice Tools menu, click the Personal Call Manager link.

Service Status

Allows you to activate or deactivate

  • Not Disturb (DND)
  • Call Forwarding Always (CFA)
  • Remote Office (RO)
ProfileDesignate your availability status according to profiles you have created in the Personal Status Manager feature.
Enter Phone NumberEnter the phone number you want to call. If you are away from the office, VoiceManager calls you on the Remote Office number you chose. Once you answer that phone, the system places the call.

Dial the number that is entered in the Enter Phone Number field or the phone number selected in the contacts or history.

Note: You can use any of the Feature Access Codes for your service by inserting the code into the Enter Phone Number space and then clicking on Dial.

RedialCall a previously called number.
TransferDial a second number and use this option to send the call to another person.
Send to VMSend an incoming call to voicemail.
AnswerAnswer an incoming call.

Place a call on hold.

Note: If you have the Music On Hold feature configured, the system plays music or a selected message.

ConferenceDial a second number and use this option to speak with all parties simultaneously on the same call.
EndDisconnect the call.

 Setup Tabs



  • Group User telephone numbers
  • Group Users
  • Common Phone List numbers that the company administrator has created.
PersonalAccess the Names and Numbers you created in the Personal Phone List feature (found in the Outgoing Calls folder.)
Call HistoryAccess individual pages that displays the last 20 calls for Missed Calls, Received Calls, and Dialed Calls.

Display and call the contacts you have stored in your Microsoft Outlook folder.

Click a number under the Business, Home, or Mobile columns to dial the contact automatically.

  • Use One-Click Dialing
    Bypass the need to click Dial when you select a telephone number to call.

The following options require Microsoft Outlook:

  • Open Journal on an Incoming Call
    Open a journal entry in Outlook each time a call is received.
  • Open Journal Entry on an Outgoing Call
    Open a journal entry in Outlook each time a call is made.
  • Prompt to load Outlook contacts
    Prevent Outlook contacts from automatically being loaded on call manager startup.
  • Default Contact Folder
    Select the location of where you want to save the contact’s details in Outlook. If you make a selection for every call, the Contacts folder is checked for a telephone number match. When there is a telephone number match, a “notes” page opens and information is saved to the file.


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