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Voice Support

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Setting Up Incoming Calling Plan

Last Updated: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 > Related Articles


Learn how to configure the Incoming Calling Plan feature of VoiceManager.


The instructions on this page are specific to the new VoiceManager portal. If you have not opted-in to this trial, you may find support for the previous version of VoiceManager at the VoiceManager Learning Center.

Incoming Calling Plan allows you to manage the way incoming calls are received by groups or accounts.
Incoming Calling Plan is available for all VoiceManager packages and services.

To configure Incoming Calling Plan for groups, use the steps below.


Enter your User ID and Password to log in to VoiceManager MyAccount, then click the Sign In button.



Click the VoiceManager Tools menu in the left navigation bar.

VoiceManager Tools menu


Click the User & System Management tab.


Under the Call Access section, click the Incoming Calling Plan link.


Click the Inside Group checkbox to the right of the account name to establish the account can accept incoming calls from members inside the group only.


Click the Outside Group drop down menu to select when members of an account can receive and transfer calls from others. The options are: 

  • Never
  • All Transfer
  • Allow Always

Click the Collect Calls checkbox to define whether members of the account can accept incoming collect call


Click the Save button.

Personal Incoming Call Plan Settings

To configure Incoming Calling Plan for a single user, follow the steps below.


Follow steps 1 through 5 above.


Scroll to the Incoming Calling Plan by User section and click the Show Users link to view the list of users.


Locate a specific user by entering values in the Search fields, or view all users.


Click the Edit link to the right of the user you want to modify.


Follow steps 6 through 8 above for an Account for the user.


Click the Save and Return button.

Result: A message displays that the Incoming Calling Plan was saved.

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