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Setting Up Hunting and Series Completion

Last Updated: Fri, 23 Sep 2016 > Related Articles


Leart how to configure the Hunting and Series Completion features of VoiceManager.


The instructions on this page are specific to the new VoiceManager portal. If you have not opted-in to this trial, you may find support for the previous version of VoiceManager at the VoiceManager Learning Center.

Hunting and Series Completion facilitates routing customer calls to a team of users. It is available with
the VoiceManager Office and Anywhere packages, and  IP Centrex service.

To configure these settings, use the steps below.


Enter your User ID and Password to log in to VoiceManager MyAccount, then click the Sign In button.



Click the VoiceManager Tools menu in the left navigation bar.

VoiceManager Tools menu

Under the Team Calling section, click the Hunting and Series Completion link.

To create a Hunt Group rule, click the Add Hunt Group or Series Completion Rule link, then do the following.

Note: The number of licenses or allowable groups is listed in the feature description above the link.

  1. Click the Rule Type radio button for Hunt Group.
  2. Click the Show General Hunt Group Rule Settings link.
  3. Enter a descriptive title in the Hunt Group Name field.
  4. Click the radio button to select Directory Number Hunt or Pilot Number Hunt.
  5. In a Pilot Number Hunt, click the Phone Number drop down menu and select the phone number provided by your account representative. In a Directory Number Hunt, the Hunt Group Extension automatically matches the last four digits of the provided phone number. In both, the number can be edited.
  6. Click the Account drop down menu and select the account to which to add the rule.
  7. Click the Time Zone drop down menu to select the timing to apply to the rule.
  8. Click the Rollover Order link to select how unanswered calls forward to members of the group.
  9. Click the Yes or No radio buttons to Allow Call Waiting.
  10. For No Answer Settings, click the Roll Over After checkbox.
  11. Click the drop down menu to select the desired number of rings from 1 to 20, or click the After checkbox and enter the number of seconds to wait before forwarding the call.
  12. Click the adjacent drop down menu to select Forward to Cox VoiceMail or Forward to another number.
    • If clicking Forward to Cox VoiceMail, enter *55 then the phone number attached to the voicemail.
    • If clicking Forward to, enter another number in the field provided.
  13. Click the Show Hunt Group Users link to add or edit users in a group.
  14. Click on names from the Available Users list.
  15. Click the Add or Add All button to move one or all to the Assigned Users list.
  16. Likewise, click the Remove or Remove All button to remove users from the Assigned Users list and return them to Available Users.
  17. To find a user that is not in the Available Users list, click the Search drop down menu.
  18. Click either the Last Name or First Name option.
  19. Enter the name in the Search field.
  20. Click the Find button.
  21. Click the Save and Continue button.

To change an existing rule, do the following.

  1. Click the Edit or Delete link next to the rule.
  2. Click the Save and Continue button
  3. Click the checkbox next to the Hunt Group or Series Completion Rule to activate the feature.
  4. To create a Series Completion Rule, follow steps 1 -5  under Create/ Edit a Hunt Group,
    selecting the radio button for Series Completion in step 5.
  5. Enter a descriptive title in the Series Name field.
  6. Click the drop-down menu next to Search, selecting Last Name or First Name, and enter the name in the field provided.
  7. Click names in Available Users, then click Add or Add All, depending on the users selected.
  8. To remove users from a group, click Remove or Remove All to move users back to Available Users list.
  9. Click the Save and Continue button to return to the previous screen.
  10. Click the checkbox next to the Series Completion Rule to activate the feature.
  11. Click the Save button.

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