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Voice Support

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Using Three-Way Calling

Last Updated: Thu, 10 Nov 2016 > Related Articles


Three-way calling allows you to add an additional party to the conversation.


How it works: When you're talking with someone, you can add an additional person onto the call.
Activate Three-Way Calling

  1. Press and quickly release the switchhook to place the first person on hold. The switchhook is the button the handset pushes down when you hang up the phone.
  2. Listen for the dial tone. (If using on a per use basis, Press *71; otherwise, proceed directly to step 3.)
  3. Dial another person's phone number.
  4. To make the connection, press and quickly release the switchhook.
  5. You can now talk with both parties at the same time.

Cancelling a Three-Way Connection
To drop the second party, just press and quickly release the switchhook. You will be reconnected to the original call.

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