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Activating the Call Forwarding Not Reachable Feature in VoiceManager

Last Updated: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 > Related Articles


Learn how to activate the Call Forwarding Not Reachable feature in VoiceManager.


Call Forwarding Not Reachable allows you to forward all of your incoming calls to a different phone number when the phone system is not operational; for example, due to a power outage, cable cut, or device connection issue.


Continuity — Enables calls to be answered during an outage or disaster recovery situation.
Automatic — After initial set up, 24x7 Business Continuity occurs automatically on all routing.
Flexibility — The telephone number used for routing calls can be changed instantly from any internet connection.


Use the following steps to activate the Call Forwarding Not Reachable feature


From the Voice Tools menu, click the Incoming Calls option.


Click the Call Forwarding Not Reachable link.


Click the Call Transfer Recall On button to activate this feature.

From your phone, you may elect to use feature access codes *94# to activate and *95# to deactivate the feature.


Enter the Call Forward To phone number.

Click OK to save.


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