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Voice Support

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VoiceManager Business Applications

Last Updated: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 > Related Articles


Learn more about the many features included with VoiceManager Business Applications.


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With VoiceManager, it's not about having access to next generation features, its about how your company applies them to gain a greater competitive edge. Review these Business Applications areas for ideas on how to make improvements where they count most for your business.

Business Continuity

In the past, if telephone lines that serve your business were cut, or a weather or facility-related disaster occurred involving a tornado, fire, or flooding, chances are your company's ability to place, receive, or re-route calls was jeopardized or lost until service was restored. Now, you can utilize telephone or Internet browser access to leverage VoiceManager features - strengthening your company's plan for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

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Whether you're on your commute to work, to a client, or to another city - with VoiceManager you can stay connected. Our Mobility features allow you to decide how, when, and where you want to be contacted.

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Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is critical to the success of every business. With online and global supplier options at their fingertips, under-served or dissatisfied clients can make alternative buying decisions faster than ever before. Our VoiceManager solution enables your company to customize how customer calls are answered and managed to help you reduce missed calls, provide special handling, and improve the overall customer experience.

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Cost Control / Productivity

Staying profitable in this economy requires special attention to cost control. VoiceManager is a smart way to keep your telecom expenses in check. Operating cost savings are already built-in, and hard cost savings will show up in your monthly budget via capabilities and features like call restriction, automated dialing services, and more.

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