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Using the Personal Status Manager Feature in VoiceManager

Last Updated: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 > Related Articles


Learn how to pre-configure multiple profiles to control your inbound calls in VoiceManager.


Personal Status Manager allows you to control your inbound calls through four pre-configured profiles: in the office, out of the office, busy, or unavailable. These profiles can be changed quickly regardless of whether you are at your desk or by phone from a remote location using the Voice Portal feature.

Personal Status Manager takes precedence over other service settings associated with processing incoming calls.


Choice — Manage the description of your availability. Whether you're in or out of the office, busy or unavailable, each profile is captured and defines the behavior of call re-routing.

Ease — Instantly change the management of your calls with a single setting.


Use the following steps to apply your Personal Status Manager.


From the Voice Tools menu, click the Incoming Calls link.


Click the Personal Status Manager link.


Complete the following steps.

  1. From the Current Profile drop-down menu, select the type of profile you want to configure: Available - In the Office, Available - Out of the Office, Busy, and Unavailable.
  2. Click the radio button(s) and enter telephone numbers for the profile type you selected.
  3. Click OK to save.

    Note: From the Voice Portal feature, Personal Status Manager can also be configured by telephone.

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