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VoiceManager Personal Features

Last Updated: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 > Related Articles


VoiceManager Personal Features


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VoiceManager users have access to a broad spectrum of Personal Features through the VoiceManager Toolbar, the MyAccount portal, and feature access codes. After confirming the Feature Package and services assigned to you, invest time in this area to learn more about how to address your unique calling requirements and preferences.


Personal Features

ResourceDescriptionLearn MoreLearning Tutorial
Most Frequently Used Personal Features
Call Forwarding Always Call Forwarding Always enables you to redirect incoming calls to another phone number.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call Forwarding Busy Call Forwarding Busy allows you to forward your incoming calls to a different number when your phone is busy.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call Forwarding No Answer Call Forwarding No Answer allows you to forward your calls to a different phone when you do not answer your phone within a predetermined number of rings.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call Forwarding Not ReachableCall Forwarding Not Reachable allows you to forward all of your incoming calls to a different phone number when the phone system is not operational.Download PDF 
Call Hold Flash Call Hold allows you to dial a feature access code to hold and retrieve calls.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call Notify Call Notify enables you to get email notification when receiving an incoming call that meets specific criteria you establish.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call Return Call Return enables you to dial the last incoming call whether or not it was answered.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call Transfer Call Transfer allows you to transfer a call to another phone number inside or outside of the company. Download PDFView Tutorial
Call Waiting Call Waiting allows you to answer another call while you are on the phone.Download PDFView Tutorial
Last Number Redial Last Number Redial enables you to redial the last number you called by dialing a feature access code from your phone.Download PDFView Tutorial
Remote Office Remote Office allows you to use your home phone, your cell, or any direct dialed number as your business phone. All calls coming to your business line will ring this remote office phone.Download PDFView Tutorial
Sequential Ring Sequential Ring enables users to define a “find-me” list of phone numbers that are alerted sequentially for incoming calls that match specified criteria.Download PDFView Tutorial
Speed Dial 8 Speed Dial 8 allows you to set up single digit dialing for up to eight (8) frequently called phone numbers.Download PDFView Tutorial
Three-Way Call Three Way Call allows you to conference with two other parties on the phone simultaneously.Download PDFView Tutorial
Voice Mail (Standard)Standard Voice Mail provides your callers with the option to leave a private recorded message when you cannot answer their call. Download PDF 
All Other Personal Features
Anonymous RejectionAnonymous Rejection allows you to reject calls from anonymous parties who have restricted their Caller ID.Download PDFView Tutorial
Automatic Callback Automatic Callback allows you to request notification when a busy line within your group becomes available.Download PDFView Tutorial
Barge-In Exempt Barge-in Exempt allows you to block users who have the Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in feature from intruding on your active calls.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call Forwarding Selective Call Forwarding Selective allows you to forward specific calls matching pre-defined criteria to a different phone number.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call HistoryCall History enables you to view telephone numbers from calls that you have missed, received and dialed.Download PDFView Tutorial
Call ParkCall Park enables you to answer a call and place it on hold at another extension in your group.Download PDF 
Call PickupCall Pickup enables you to answer any line ringing within your Call Pickup Group.Download PDF 
Calling Line ID DeliveryExternal Call Line ID Delivery enables an external caller’s identity to display to you on any calling line ID-equipped phone or device.Download PDFView Tutorial
Calling Line ID Delivery BlockingCalling Line ID Blocking allows you to block your number from displaying when you call numbers outside of your company.Download PDFView Tutorial
Calling Name DeliveryCalling Name Delivery enables you to see an incoming caller's name if it is made available with the call.Download PDF 
Calling Name RetrievalCalling Name Retrieval enables you to identify a caller's name using information from a source other than the Cox Network, such as your Outlook folder or Smart Phone.Download PDF 
Calling Number DeliveryCalling Number Delivery enables you to see a caller's telephone number when they are trying to reach you.Download PDF 
Custom RingbackCustom Ringback User enables callers to hear a media file when they call you.Download PDFView Tutorial
Directed Call PickupDirected Call Pickup allows you to answer a call that is ringing to a specific extension within the call pick-up group.Download PDFView Tutorial
Directed Call Pickup Barge-InDirected Call Pickup With Barge In enables you to automatically conference in to an existing call that has been answered within the call pickup group.Download PDF 
Do Not DisturbDo Not Disturb allows you to set your station as unavailable so that incoming calls are given a busy response or go to your voice mail, if equipped.Download PDFView Tutorial
Group DirectoryGroup Directory provides easy access to the names and phone numbers of people in the company; and any names and phone numbers added by the administrator to the common phone list.Download PDF 
Music On Hold - UserMusic on Hold enables callers to hear company provided music or messaging when the caller is placed on hold.Download PDFView Tutorial
Outlook Integration Outlook Integration enables users to incorporate their contacts from Microsoft Outlook for access via VoiceManager® Toolbar and Personal Call Manager.Download PDFView Tutorial
Personal Call Manager Personal Call Manager is a powerful web-based tool that enables you to make, receive, and re-route calls from your office, on the road, or from almost anywhere in the world where you have online access and a telephone that can be direct-dialedDownload PDFView Tutorial
Personal Phone List Personal Phone List allows you to create a list of your contacts’ names and phone numbers that you can then call with the click-to-dial feature.Download PDFView Tutorial
Personal Status Manager Personal Status Manager allows you to control your inbound calls through four pre-configured profiles: in the office, out of the office, busy, or unavailable.Download PDFView Tutorial
Priority Alert Priority Alert allows you to make your phone ring with a different cadence on calls based on your pre-defined criteria.Download PDFView Tutorial
Privacy Settings Privacy Settings allow you to restrict access to your phone status and personal visibility from the Group Directory, Personal Directory and Auto Attendant feature capabilities.Download PDFView Tutorial
Schedule Time Schedule at the Personal level enables you to customize how your incoming calls are managed based on your preconfigured calendar.Download PDFView Tutorial
Selective Acceptance Selective Acceptance allows you to receive calls that meet pre-defined criteria.Download PDFView Tutorial
Selective Rejection Selective Rejection allows you to reject calls that meet pre-defined criteria. Download PDFView Tutorial
Simultaneous Ring Personal Simultaneous Ring Personal allows you to have multiple phone numbers to ring in addition to your primary phone when you receive a call. Download PDFView Tutorial
Speed Dial 100 Speed Dial 100 allows you to set up twodigit dialing for up to 100 frequently called phone numbers.Download PDFView Tutorial
Unified MessagingUnified Messaging sends you an email in a .wav file format with any voicemail message you receive.Download PDF 
Virtual Number ServiceVirtual Number Service is a cloud-based service that provides direct inward dialing to any phone you wish to use. Download PDFView Tutorial
Voice PortalVoice Portal enables you to access your VoiceManager office number from any telephone to change settings, forward calls, and make calls.Download PDF 
IP Centrex Features
Call Forwarding Always Call Forwarding Always enables you to redirect incoming calls to another phone number.Download PDFView Tutorial
Busy Lamp Field Busy Lamp Field works with your IP Phone to enable you to see when designated users are engaged in a telephone call.Download PDF 
Hoteling Guest Hoteling Guest enables you to place and receive calls that appear as your office phone number when you visit companies that use VoiceManager.Download PDF 
Hoteling Host Hoteling Host allows you to provide phones at your site for visitors to use so that they can make and receive calls that appear as their own phone number.Download PDF 
N-Way ConferencingN-Way Conferencing allows you to conduct teleconference calls for a maximum of 15 telephone numbers without the need for any special configuration.Download PDF 
Push To Talk Push To Talk enables you to establish an intercom capability with one or more other users in the company.Download PDF 


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