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Turn On Parental Control for a DVR Cable Box

Last Updated: Wed, 18 May 2016 > Related Articles


The information in this article has been consolidated and moved to a new article. See Using Parental Controls for updated content.


There are three steps you must perform when setting up Parental Control: 

  1. Select locks
  2. Turn on the locks.
  3. Create a PIN that allows only you to turn off the locks.

This article covers how to turn on Parental Control.

Turn on locks: When you turn on Parental Control, you are turning on, or activating the locks you've selected (such as Locked Channels, Locked Ratings, Locked Time, Locked Content, and Hide Adult Titles). Turning on Parental Control without selecting locks will have no effect. 

Parental Control PIN: The first time you attempt to turn on Parental Control, you will see the PIN Entry popup box. Follow the prompts to create a 4-digit PIN. The PIN is required to turn on, turn off, or change Parental Controls.


These steps work for a cable box that is providing DVR service, not a standard- or HD-only cable box.



To turn on Parental Control

You can turn on Parental Control from either the Quick Settings or General Settings menu. 

  • From Quick Settings, select Activate Parental Control, and use the arrow button to put the white dot into the Yes column..
  • From General Settings, select Parental Control, then Locking Status, then one of the following options:
    •  Off (Auto Relock)  - With this setting, when you turn off Parental Control, then turn off the cable box, and then turn the cable box back on, Parental Control will be automatically re-activated. In addition, if the remote control remains inactive for five hours, Parental Control will be automatically enabled.
    • Off (Relock Manually) - With this setting, when you turn off Parental Control, it will remain turned off until you turn it back on by using the Quick Settings or General Settings menus.
    • On - This setting turns on Parental Control.

All steps complete.

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