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Last Updated: Thu, 07 Jul 2016 > Related Articles


This article contains FAQs about CableCARDs.


What Does the CableCARD Technology Do?

CableCARD technology allows a digital cable-ready (DCR) device to receive digital programs without the use of a cable box. The DCR device must be labeled by the manufacturer as “Digital Cable Ready” and must have the Cox CableCARD activated. The CableCARD is inserted into the CableCARD slot built into the  DCR device.

How Does the CableCARD Benefit Consumers?

The CableCARD enables customers to receive digital programming, including high-definition (HD) programs, without a cable box.

What Is a Digital Cable Ready Device?

A Digital Cable Ready device has the built-in technology that allows customers to receive standard definition and high-definition (HD) digital cable programs using a CableCARD rather than a cable box.

How Does a Digital Cable Ready TV Work?

In addition to the electronics typically found in most television sets, a Digital Cable Ready TV incorporates many of the same electronics found in a digital cable box except for the decryption technology. This decryption technology is built into the CableCARD. Since Cox encrypts most, if not all, digital cable signals, a CableCARD port must be built in the Digital Cable Ready TV and then activated to receive digital cable programming.

If I Buy a Digital Cable Ready TV, Will I Continue to Enjoy All the Features That I Currently Have Through My Cable Box?

Two–way interactive video services and Digital Cable Ready devices that use CableCARDs are not currently available. With CableCARD devices, you will not be able to use the following services:

  • Cox's interactive Program Guide, including Cox's Parental Controls
  • Pay-Per-View  movies and special events
  • On DEMAND services, including Subscription Video on Demand (where available)


What if I Want Two-way Interactive Services?

If you would like to receive two-way services, such as the program guide, Parental Controls, On DEMAND, pay-per-view services, or special program events, you must use digital TV and a Cox digital cable receiver.

Parental Controls Are Provided With Cox Digital Cable Service. Are Parental Controls Also Provided With the Cox Digital CableCARD Service?

Unfortunately, Parental Controls are not provided with CableCARD service. Two-way service, which is available with a cable receiver, is required to access the interactive program guide (IPG) and its Parental Controls.

How Do I Obtain a CableCARD?

To obtain a CableCARD, simply contact a Cox customer service representative.

How Much Does a CableCARD Cost?

You can lease a CableCARD directly from Cox Communications for a low monthly fee. Please contact your local Cox Care Center for specific information.

How Is the CableCARD Installed?

A field technician will install and activate the CableCARD. After the CableCARD is installed, do not remove it. 

Important: You must complete the pre-installation steps from the manufacturer before the Cox technician arrives to install the CableCARD. This pre-installation process can take up to 45 minutes to complete.

Is a Digital Cable Ready TV the Same as a TV With an Integrated Digital Tuner?

No. A Digital Cable Ready TV has a digital tuner and a CableCARD slot. A TV with an integrated digital tuner but no CableCARD slot can receive local digital and HD programs from over-the-air broadcasters. It requires, however, a cable box to receive the cable TV programs broadcast by your cable service provider, including advanced digital services.

Will My CableCARD Work With More Than One Digital Cable Ready TV?

No. After your CableCARD device is installed in a TV and activated by a Cox Technician, the CableCARD is “paired” with the TV. In order for your CableCARD to operate in another Digital Cable Ready device, the CableCARD device has to be reconfigured and installed in the new device by a Cox Technician.

Why Am I Unable to Create a DVD Copy of a Program That I Watched on My Digital Cable Ready TV?

As a part of the regulations for CableCARD technology, the FCC has mandated “Copy Protection” of digital content. This Copy Protection mandate allows programmers to determine which programming can be copied digitally by the end consumer. If you are unable to make a digital copy of a program that you watched on your Digital Cable Ready TV, then the programmer has applied a copy protection directive to that particular content.

What Happens if I Move?

If you move out of your cable service area, you must return the CableCARD to Cox Communications. The CableCARD will not work in other cable systems. If you move within your current cable service area, contact a Cox customer service representative with notification of your move.

When Can I Receive Two-way Interactive Services Through a CableCARD?

Devices providing two-way interactive services with a CableCARD are not currently available. We can offer you an HD digital cable receiver until such devices are available,

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