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Set the Volume Lock for the Cox DVR Universal M7820

Last Updated: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 > Related Articles


The information in this article has been consolidated and moved to a new article. See Programming Your Cox Remote Control for updated content.



The Cox DVR Universal M7820 Remote Control is set to control the volume of a device:

  • Through your TV while in TV, DVD, or Cable mode
  • Through the auxiliary device when in Auxiliary (AUX) mode

Change the Volume Lock setting if:

  • The TV cannot be controlled with a remote control.
  • You want the volume to be controlled by a device not associated with the current mode.

    For example, you can set the remote control to control the volume through the cable receiver when in TV mode.

Volume Lock affects the following buttons:

  • VOL+
  • VOL-
  • MUTE

Cox DVR Universal Remote Control

To program the Volume Lock, perform the following steps:

Note: Performing these steps to program Volume Lock for AUX mode allows you to access the volume control for the auxiliary device in all modes.


On the remote control, press, once, the mode button for which you want to program Volume Lock.
Type of DeviceMode Button
Stereo amplifier or receiverAUX
Cable receiverCABLE
Press and hold the SETUP button until the selected mode button blinks twice, then release the SETUP button.

Using the number keys, enter 9 - 9 - 3

Result: The selected mode button blinks twice.


Press the mode button once.

Result: The selected mode button blinks twice. The Volume Control is set.

All steps complete.

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