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Select Parental Control Locks for a Scientific Atlanta DVR Cable Box

Last Updated: Tue, 10 May 2016 > Related Articles


The information in this article has been consolidated and moved to a new article. See Using Parental Controls for updated content.


To select locks:

  1. Press the SETTINGS button, then press the A button.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the Parental Control category.
  3. Press SELECT to expand the Parental Control category.
  4. Highlight and SELECT one of the following categories:
    • Locked Channels - Select channels that are locked from viewing.
    • Ratings - If you lock the rating R, programs rated NC-17 and NR (Adult) will also be locked out.
    • Content - Select locks based on advisory level which is  assigned each show, such as (V) Violence, (S) Sexual Situations, (D) Suggestive Dialog, and (L) Adult Language.
    • Time Periods - Select time periods when TV cannot be watched.
    • Hide Adult Titles - This setting blocks adult titles and descriptions from appearing in several places in the user interface (including the Program Guide, Saved Shows,
      Scheduled Recordings, Series Manager, Info Banner, Channel Banner and PPV channels). It also automatically adds NC-17 and NR (Adult) ratings to the Locked Ratings list.
  5. Select locks for the category.
  6. Continue highlighting and selecting locks. When you are finished, press the EXIT button.
  7. Notes

    • To unlock one or more channels, ratings, content advisories, time periods or the Adult Titles, repeat steps a through e and enter your 4-digit Parental Control PIN when prompted. These items will remain unlocked until you lock them again.

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