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TV Support

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Quick Fixes for TV Picture Problems

Last Updated: Fri, 23 Dec 2016 > Related Articles


Black screen, blue screen, snow or tiling? Learn quick troubleshooting steps for your TV picture problem.



TV picture problems often have a simple cause and solution that you can easily take care of at home. In the table below, we'll learn more about the problem you're experiencing. Follow the links and we'll guide you to specific fixes for your problem. 


 Distorted Picture 

I am experiencing: Lines, ghosting, grainy or snowy picture, tiles or tiling, poor color, pinched or stretched picture, black bars on the top or sides of my display, or unwanted text on my screen from Closed Captioning.

Snowy PictureTiled Screen

My cable signal comes through:Or, my problem is:
A Cox Cable Box
Cable Box
No Cable Box
Coax Connector
Black Bars on Screen,
Stretched or Pinched Picture,
Aspect Ratio is Wrong

Black Bars
Text During Programs,
Foreign Language Captions,
Closed Captioning Problems

Closed Caption
No Picture

I am experiencing: Black or blue screen on my TV instead of normal play.

Note: A signal interruption may be caused by something as simple as a missed payment. As a first troubleshooting step, double check to make sure that your bill has been paid. Want to view your bill or make a payment online?

Black ScreenBlue Screen

My cable signal comes through:
A Cox Cable Box
Cable Box
No Cable Box
Coax Connector


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