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Cox Universal Remote Control Unit URC 8820

Last Updated: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 > Related Articles


The information in this article has been consolidated and moved to a new article. See Programming Your Cox Remote Control for updated content.


If you subscribe to Cox Advanced TV Plus services, which offer the Contour program guide, you will receive the URC 8820. You can use the URC 8820 with either Cisco or Motorola cable boxes.

The new remote control is an ergonomically correct remote control that Cox designed based on feedback from customers. It has several features that make it easier and more efficient than earlier models of remote control.

Learn about the URC 8820's new features from the table below.


This featureLooks like this...And does this...
Back lighting

Provides pipe lighting around sections of the remote as well as lighted buttons. These make the remote easier for you to use in dim light. To turn the lighting on or off, you press a Light button at the bottom of the remote:

All-On Power featureYou can turn on and off all of your programmed devices by pressing the Power button.
Closed Captioning (CC) button

Offers quicker access to captions, if you have a hearing impairment.

Note: This features is not available at this time.

User button

Use to switch user settings, if you have set up different user profiles in your Contour program guide.

Note: This function is expected to be available mid-2011.

Cox buttonDisplays the program guide's main menu, when you press the button.
D buttonReserved for future enhancements.
Low battery indicatorDisplays on the TV screen to let you know it is time to change the batteries in your remote.
Programming instructions

Swap Instructions


Device Programming Instructions

Find re-programming functionality printed on the back of the remote that makes it easier to:

  • Swap between Cisco and Motorola receivers.
  • Reprogram your remote for TV, DVD, and audio devices
  • Find programming instructions anytime you need them--they're printed on the back of the remote.


Volume controlProgram an audio device instead of the TV to control the volume.



Some differences in the new Cox remote control involve the appearance, and some involve functions you perform to use the program guide on your TV.

What is different about the URC 8820's appearance?

  • Layout of buttons has changed to make the remote simpler to use. You can reach most buttons using one hand. In particular, buttons used to play recordings or navigate the program guide are grouped physically and visually by the blue pipe lighting. 
  • The shape, balance, and weight distribution of the remote have improved, making it easier to hold.
  • Frequently used buttons are more prominently displayed. Backlighting makes them easier to see, even in dim light.
  • Size, shape, and color of buttons make them easier to use accurately.

Does the URC 8820 have any different functions?

Yes, three methods are available for you to use when programming your remote control:

You no longer use a Setup button to make changes. Instead, you press the Mute + Select buttons to access reprogramming functions.

You use the Quick Swap feature to toggle to a different manufacturer's set-top receiver, such as from Cisco to Motorola.

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