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Data Support

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Ordering Additional IP Address

Last Updated: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 > Related Articles


Learn how to acquire routed netblocks to expand your company's stable of static IP addresses.


Cox Business Services can provide your business with more than eight static IP addresses through your cable modem by way of routed netblocks.
By using routed netblocks, Cox Business Services can supply your company with a set of IP addresses that are in contiguous order.
Example:,,, etc.
You may order IP ranges in the size of 8, 16, 32 and 64. Using these fixed sizes ensures that your company will receive the IP addresses in numerical order.
If at a later time you feel the need to add more IP addresses to your service, you will need to return the current set, and we will assign a new larger set to your company.
To employ a routed netblock for your office, you must have a router that does true routing.

  • Most consumer grade type broadband gateways will not support this.
  • Consult the documentation that came with your router before choosing to purchase this product.

Listed below are some routers that can function with this product.

Netblocks may be ordered from your Cox Business Services sales representative.

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