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D-Link Home Networking Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 > Related Articles


Learn troubleshooting steps for common D-Link Home Networking problems.



Broadband Router Troubleshooting

I cannot get into the Configuration of the Router

  • Disable any Internet Security software that is running. Firewall software, or any other program that attempts to access/block the Internet, may cause problems between computer and gateway. Right click on the Firewall software in the System tray and select Disable, or Stop.

  • Confirm the computers are getting a valid IP address (

I cannot get a Public IP Address

Perform a Network Reset

  • Turn PCs off first

  • Turn off the router

  • Turn off the cable modem

  • Leave off for a minute

  • Turn modem on first

  • Turn router on

  • Turn PCs on

NOTE: Make sure the WAN light is on. A hard reset will restore the router back to factory default settings. It will not reset the firm ware. To reset the router, hold in the reset pin for about 15 second, then let go of the pin.

How do I do a soft reset on the router?

  • You can do a simple reboot on the router by pulling out the power and putting it back in. This will not set the router to default settings, but it is very useful when troubleshooting the router.

I cannot get an IP from the Gateway

  • Perform a Network Reset.

  • Make sure you have a link light.

  • Make sure your computer is set to obtain automatically.

  • Make sure you have disabled all firewalls.

Wireless Card Troubleshooting

The computer will not recognize my Wireless card.

  • Make sure it is not already listed in Device Manager.

  • Try a different PCI/PCMCIA slot.

  • Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements.

  • Make sure the laptop has Cardbus Controllers. (for Laptop only-under PCMCIA Controllers in Device Manager)

My computer will not install my wireless card

  • Make sure you installed the card correctly.

  • Uninstall the card from device manager

  • Walk through the correct installation process (CD first)

  • Try using the drivers from the support site.

  • 98 FE - make sure user has the updated drivers.

I cannot get a wireless connection

  • Perform a Network Reset

  • Make sure the wireless settings are the same; SSID, WEP settings, MAC address authentication.

  • Disable all security settings, verify connectivity, then enable security settings.

  • Move units closer together.

My card is working, but there is a Big Black X over the utility in the system Tray

  • Install the 2.20 Drivers

I cannot Uninstall my AirPlus drivers, or Utility

  • Install the 2.20 Drivers

Installing the 2.2 Drivers - All OS's

  • Do Not Uninstall the Old Drivers and Utility

  • Double click on the Setup.exe file

  • Click on Yes, to uninstall the utility

  • Double click on the Setup.exe file, again

  • This time keep clicking Next to install the utility in the default location

  • Reboot the computer when prompted.

My computer does not recognize the USB adapter

  • Make sure you have the correct drivers.
  • Try using a USB port on the back of the computer.
  • Make sure the USB is enabled on the computer.



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