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Data Support

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Cox Business Online Backup Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 > Related Articles


Learn all about Cox Business Online Backup.


From hard drive documents to years of server files, your business data is mission-critical to your success. That's why we've made our safe, secure online backup a part of our Business Internet Service at every level.

Depend on Cox Business to take the hassle and cost out of data backup, so you can concentrate on what’s most important–your business! 

If you have questions about Cox Business Online Backup or other services we offer, call 1-866-272-5777 or email us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cox Business Online Backup

Overview Information

What is Cox Business Online Backup?

Cox Business Online Backup is a simple, secure online backup service. It’s a smart and economical way to protect your data from hazards like file corruption, accidental deletion, or hardware failure.

Online Backup regularly backs up your files to secure servers automatically so that you don’t have to worry about losing important data. Additionally, this feature allows you to access your files from any location using a PC or Mac with an Internet connection.

How do I activate Online Backup?

Log in to MyAccount, download and install the software on your computer, select the files you want to back up and the frequency preferences. Once you set it up, Online Backup automatically backs up your data for you at your selected intervals. Go to MyAccount to log in and activate your Online Backup Service.

Is Online Backup secure?

Yes. The files you designate for Online Backup are encrypted with 448-bit Blowfish encryption, and are transferred to the Online Backup servers using 128-bit SSL encryption, the industry standard for safe and secure data transfer. Your data is stored in an encrypted state in Online Backup’s data centers with 24/7/365 onsite monitoring and security, state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, redundant power distribution units, and seismic safeguards that are designed to withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

We also use a proprietary protection mechanism based on a complex encoding structure to ensure that your data is safe, even in the event of multiple hardware failures.

Finally, Online Backup is covered by Cox Business’ Privacy Policy located at http://ww2.cox.com/aboutus/policies/business-policies.cox.

How do I cancel my Online Backup account?

Contact Cox Business customer service at 1-866-272-5777 to cancel Online Backup. Check that you have an updated copy of your files before you cancel your service. You must uninstall the Online Backup application from your desktop once you have ensured that you have an updated copy of all your data.

The files left on the Online Backup servers will then be marked for deletion. After 90 days, the files are deleted and you are unable to retrieve them.

Note: If you terminate all of your Cox Business services, you no longer have access to Online Backup.

Backup Basics Information

Does the computer have to be on in order to run a backup?


How can I find out the amount of data I have on my computer?

The actual process may vary depending on your operating system. One method is to access Windows Explorer and right click on My Documents to see the properties of the drive (including space consumed). As an alternative, you can use an Internet search engine to find ways to identify the information.

By default, what does the service back up?

There is a pre-defined backup setup by File Type which includes business-oriented file types including Microsoft Office and others.

We recommend that you back up data that is difficult to replace if your own storage system fails, such as important office documents. If you are unsure what you want or need to back up, the tool offers you several default backup sets in the Backup Sets tab of the application. You can tell Online Backup to use the default backup sets, create your own custom backup sets, or select specific files or folders that you want to back up.

You can back up any type of file with a few exceptions. Operating System specific files cannot be backed up. While some encrypted files are supported by Online Backup, other types may not be supported. See the User Guide under Data Support for additional details.

Online Backup is not designed to back up your system and application programs. If you need to re-install these programs, it is easier and more reliable to restore them using your original CDs.

Restoring your system and application programs from backups or any type of “disk image” is risky and difficult to do properly, and we do not recommend or support it. Instead, keep your original system and application CDs in a secure location, then make sure to back up your data files regularly with Online Backup.

If your computer fails, use the CDs to restore your system and application files to your new hardware, and use Online Backup’s Web Restore to retrieve your data files. With a combination of original CDs and data backups, you can feel confident that you can restore your system even after a serious hardware failure.

Per the Cox Business Acceptable Use Policy, you should not back up files containing copyrighted material belonging to third parties unless you are authorized to do so. In addition, Online Backup should not be used in connection with any applications where the unavailability of data could result in death or injury. For example, Online Backup should not be the sole location for storage of any medical records or medical information.

File Backup Information

Can CBOB be used to back up large file servers with more than 3TB in data?

Yes it can; however, keep in mind that the solution is designed for the small to medium business space. It is not designed to replace an Enterprise Grade Backup, Recovery and Archiving solution.

How many files can I back up?

You can back up as many files as your storage space allows.

How long does it take to back up files?

The more files you back up, the longer the initial process will take. Subsequent backups are relatively quick because only new or changed portions of files, and not the entire file, are stored.

Backup Frequency Information

How frequently should I back up my data?

Depending on your particular needs, we recommend you back up your data at least three times throughout the day. Online Backup is set to back up once daily unless you change the frequency.

When is my data available?

Your data is generally accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from almost any device with an Internet connection.

How can I view the status of my backup?

Right-click the Online Backup tray icon to open the application. The status window that displays will show you how your backup is progressing.

Remote Access Information

Can I access these files from a remote location?

Yes, as long as you have an Internet connection.

We have several remote sites. Do we need a separate email for each of our servers to set separate backups?

Yes, you can set up an email address to create the user account for the Server (possibly using the server name in the email address). The server itself appears as a user in the administrative console.

Can backups be run from locations outside of the Cox network?

Yes. CBOB is broadband agnostic.

If I access from a remote location, will this allow file edits to be saved?

You can restore from a remote location; but to save the file (put in the cloud), it needs to be added to the backup set and saved on the device connected to CBOB.

While traveling, is it possible to access and download an individual file onto my notebook?


Are there any restrictions for backing up servers outside of the U.S.?

The only restrictions are those inherent by local and national institutions in terms of privacy and data access.

Pricing Information

How much does Cox Business Online Backup cost?

Online Backup storage space is included for Cox Business Internet (CBI) customers in different amounts depending on your CBI package. Additionally, Cox Business customers can purchase storage space a la carte.

How much back-up space is available at no extra charge?

Cox Business Internet Package customers receive between 10GB and 25GB depending on the respective package.

What are the pricing options?

Pricing may vary depending on your existing services with Cox Business. Contact your local Cox Business Account Executive for details.

What is the pricing for non-Cox customers?

Individuals must have an existing product relationship with Cox Business to purchase CBOB. However, they are not required to purchase Cox Internet access.

Do Cox home customers receive any amount of free storage?

Most Cox Business Internet (CBI) Package Customers receive either 10GB or 25GB for free and this varies according to the specific package. Customers who have purchased CBI Home Office Packages also receive either 10GB or 25GB for free.

General Backup Information

How do I restore data using Online Backup?

Online Backup offers you more than one option to find and return your data:

  • You may use the Restore tab in the desktop client.
  • You may use the web Restore function in MyAccount.

For step-by-step instructions on each of these restore options, refer to the User Guide located under Data Support.

Will Online Backup affect my computer’s performance?

Online Backup is engineered to minimize the impact on your computer, so you can keep working effectively while the backup is running. You can also schedule your backups to run when you are away from your computer as long as it remains turned on and you have an Internet connection.

Do backups overwrite each other after multiple backups or is there a choice as to whether each backup overwrites the next?

Every backup set stays in the cloud for 90 days. Sequential backups only store what is new or what has changed in the back-up set.

What happens if I delete a file from my computer that I had marked for backup?

If you delete a document, Online Backup assumes that you no longer need a backup copy of that document and marks the file for removal from our servers. We keep the file on the servers for 90 days, in case you do not want to delete the file. After 90 days, the file is deleted from the servers and you are unable to restore.

Can I share my backed up data with another user?

Not unless you share your MyAccount username and password with someone else, which we do not recommend. Your MyAccount administrator can restore your last backup from the Online Backup Administrator Console.


Note: The ability to share files among users is being considered as a future enhancement.

Can I start a backup manually?

Yes, the Online Backup Status window allows you to start a backup manually. See the User Guide under Data Support for additional details.

Can I backup more than one computer?

Online Backup can be used by multiple computers up to the storage space limit if the administrator assigns storage space to more than one end user, but each user can only back up files from one personal computer. Each end user accesses Online Backup through their MyAccount user name and password.

Can I customize Online Backup to fit my needs?

Yes, you can customize Online Backup using the Advanced Configuration settings. Refer to the User Guide under Data Support for additional details.

Who determines Online Backup account administrators within MyAccount?

The MyAccount profile owner determines which users are designated as administrators within that profile. There can be multiple administrators for each profile. 


Note: When the first administrator within a profile is granted administrative privileges, all administrators in that profile have administrative privileges unless the MyAccount administrative rights are specifically changed. We recommend that the MyAccount profile owner review which users have administrative privileges before Online Backup is activated.


If you are already an administrator within My Account, you are automatically an administrator when you activate Online Backup. As an administrator, you can add or delete multiple users, as well as allocate the online backup storage amounts assigned to each user.


Technical Information

Which platforms does Online Backup support currently?

Online Backup currently supports:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • MAC OS x10.5 (and newer)
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012
  • Windows Home Server
  • SQL and Exchange Servers

What if my Internet connection disconnects while Online Backup is in the middle of a backup or I shut off my computer in the middle of a backup?

If your Internet connection is disrupted or you shut off your computer in the middle of a backup, it will not complete. The backup will complete during the next scheduled or manual process.

I have Cox Business Internet but cannot activate Online Backup. What should I do?

You must be added as an Online Backup user within MyAccount by your company’s administrator. Once you have been added, you will see a button in MyAccount that activates the Online Backup service.

What if I need more online backup space, but I am not the account administrator?

Request that your account administrator allocate more online backup space to you. Should you require more than the administrator can allocate, the administrator can always purchase additional amounts.

Does Online Backup support server backup?

Yes, Online Backup supports Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Home Server, SQL and Exchange Servers.

Does Online Backup support external drives?

Yes, Online Backup supports drives that Windows recognizes as “fixed” and “unfixed”, or removable drives such as thumb or flash drives, or external drives.

What type of system does Cox have for storing back-ups?

All CBOB backups are encrypted and mirrored across redundant data centers.


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