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Is a wireless network right for your office?

Last Updated: Mon, 16 May 2016 > Related Articles


Learn pros and cons of using wireless technology in your office.



Wireless networks can be very useful, but there are some things you need to take into consideration before you decide to go wireless.


  • No cables to run - This is always a 'plus' for your IT department. No wires means not running a cable through a wall or through the ceiling.
  • Mobility - With a wireless network, you can literally move from your office to your conference room with a laptop computer and not lose the connection to your mail server, instant messenger, etc.
  • Flexibility - Having a wireless network, along with your traditional wired network, offers nice flexibility for your working environment and can provide an easy solution for a vendor or customer who needs Internet access while visiting your office.


  • Security - If a wireless network is not properly configured, a hacker could easily jump onto your network and authorize him or herself.
  • Distance - Distance is the killer for wireless networks. The farther you move away from the wireless access point, the slower the connection. You may also disconnect from your network entirely.
  • Obstructions - Wireless network signals will go through walls, but the more obstacles you put between you and your wireless access point, the less signal you will get.
  • Speed - Wireless networks are not as fast as a wired network. It is still not recommended to stream audio or video over a wireless network.
  • Cost - Wireless components can cost more then a box of Ethernet wire and a regular router.

Before embarking on a wireless network addition, evaluate the pros and cons. Wireless networking may be the solution for you and your associates.



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