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Web Hosting Control Panel Features

Last Updated: Mon, 16 May 2016 > Related Articles


Cox Web Hosting control panel includes many features to manage your web site. Here are some common features that will help get you started.


At Cox Business, we continue to enhance our services with the purpose of providing you the tools to fully self-manage your web hosting account.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us 24x7.

FrontPage Extensions Button

Feature Availability
PackagesAll packages (Shared 1 & 2)
Control Panel ImpactsCustomer Control Panel

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions are a server-side application that is used in conjunction with the FrontPage client for creating web sites. Although FrontPage Extensions are not essential to host FrontPage based web sites, they extend it with functionalities such as multi-user permissions, remote authoring, forms, and counters.

FrontPage 2000 Extensions are pre-installed with every NT & Unix shared hosting account.

Scenarios that may lead to FrontPage Extensions corruption include:

  1. Uploading web files by FTP instead of using the publish button in FrontPage
  2. Deleting or moving any of the FrontPage extension files or folders
  3. Using the directory permissions option on the FrontPage extension folder

Shared 2.1 will allow end-users the ability to enable / disable FrontPage Extensions within the Customer Control Panel. The majority of customer service calls relating to FrontPage today are associated with Extensions issues. Therefore, this functionality will reduce customer service calls, resulting in lower costs and higher customer satisfaction, as your customers are empowered to manage their FrontPage issues as they arise.

Enabling FrontPage

FrontPage is enabled by default for all NT packages. By selecting the ‘Enable FrontPage’ button in the CCP, FrontPage Extensions will be installed over the previous installation.

Disabling FrontPage

When a disable FP extension request is made in the CCP, the account will no longer have access to FrontPage Extensions functionality. The user would be required to re-enable FrontPage Extensions in the CCP to regain this functionality. The user will also be required to republish the site in order to restore all FP functionality with its HTML coding.

For both the enabling and disabling FrontPage Extensions options, provisioning requests occur within 30 minutes.



Feature Availability
PackagesAll packages (Shared 1 & 2)
PlatformNT & Unix
Control Panel ImpactsCustomer Control Panel
Partner Control Panel

The new gas gauge introduces improvements to existing account monitoring functionality in the CCP. The three key improvements with this update include:


  • Visibility: Account details such as package name, platform type, disk space and data transfer are visible upon logging into the CCP; providing end-users with important status information concerning their account.
  • Status Meter: New status meters for disk space and data transfer provide a graphical representation of usage.
  • Buy More: Configurable in the PCP, ‘Buy More’ URLs which appear in the gas gauge can be used to point to an online page such as an order form, product information, or contact page. If a URL is not entered, the ‘Buy More’ button will not appear on screen.

Any feature that is not included or active for an account will not appear in the Gas Gauge.



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