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Cameron Health

San Clemente, California


"The service at Cox Business has been excellent, proactive. The technical team is always easy to reach if I have any questions. And the network has been fast and reliable. Ultimately, the switchover to Cox has had a great impact on Cameron Health’s business. It’s allowed us to collaborate and innovate quickly, which ultimately will help us to continue to grow."
Paksar Niroumand - MIS Manager, Cameron Health

Services Provided: Cox Optical Internet, PRI/T1 service, VoiceManager, Metro Ethernet

About one year ago Paksar Niroumand, MIS Manager at San Clemente-based Cameron Health was given a challenge: make their network faster.

His supervisor David Hackbarth, VP of Operations, had faith that Mr. Niroumand could find and implement the right solution. But Mr. Niroumand knew that it would not be as easy as flipping a switch, and he approached the project with meticulous care.

Cameron Health, a subcutaneous implantable defibrillator manufacturer founded in 2001, was growing. Four years previously, the company had added a new manufacturing building 2.5 miles away that now houses 70+ employees. In addition, 65 employees reside at its headquarters location. All of these people, plus 60+ laptop users who often connect remotely from locations all over the country, needed to connect to the company’s network at one time to access email, shared documents, image-dense files and more.

The company needed more bandwidth and speed to accommodate its growth. And it needed it now. Mr. Niroumand knew, however, that reliability and service were going to be important for him. He needed to know that he could trust his network provider to be there for him—during the transition and beyond. The company could not afford any disruptions or, worse, outages during the transition. And it was important that Cameron Health’s employees access the network 24/7. As is the case during tough economic times, cost was important, too.

Cameron Health’s network had run on a competitive network for years, so Mr. Niroumand logically turned to them for a proposal. He also had read somewhere that Cox Business, which he later learned is the third-largest cable and broadband provider in the country, had installed a fiber optic network in Orange County, which was available to Cameron Health’s buildings. He admits openly that he was initially concerned: Cox is his home cable provider. Would they really be equipped to offer a technology solution that was so critical to Cameron Health’s business?


Cameron Health’s existing service provider didn’t offer fiber optics. They suggested switching their 7 T1 lines to a 10- or 20-megabit circuit, essentially adding T1 lines to achieve the desired speed.

Cox Business suggested Cameron Health switch over to Cox Optical Internet (COI), a reliable and scalable high-speed Internet service built specifically to meet the complex data demands of growing businesses. COI is delivered over Cox’s own fiber-optic backbone, which would provide Cameron Health with a more reliable, faster network. With Cox, Cameron Health would have a dedicated connection running between its two buildings, via the Cox Metro Ethernet, converging its data and phone over the Cox fiber optic network. The package would be topped off with a Cox Primary Rate Interface Digital Trunk, at each of Cameron Health’s locations, to manage telephone needs over the network.

The speed? 10 MB—more than triple what the company had before. Another of the many benefits of fiber optic is that you get what you pay for because fiber is so much more efficient than copper.

The price? Cox Business came in around 33 percent lower in terms of cost than the upgrade suggested by Cameron Health’s current service provider. But you get what you pay for, right?
So Mr. Niroumand also looked into the type of service he would receive from Cox versus his current provider, whom he knew and trusted and whose service had been fine.

Both companies quoted a similar timeframe for the network upgrade, and committed to helping Mr. Niroumand through the transition. But one thing stood out: the Cox commitment that every business customer, even the small one, has an assigned account person. Mr. Niroumand would have both a service and technical contact at Cox who would be familiar with his network, business, history and more. This is not always the case at some of the larger network providers.

The network solution Cox Business recommended and helped to implement in both of Cameron Health's buildings was:

  • 4 MB Cox Optical Internet for internet access
  • PRI/T1 service with 200 Direct Inward Dial numbers
  • Supplementary VoiceManager lines
  • 10 MB Metro Ethernet service between the buildings for voice and data connectivity 


Mr. Niroumand proceeded with Cox, who stood by his side through every step of the transition. "The Cox team worked very closely with Cameron Health and its vendors to map out a transition plan to convert their entire network in four phases over a two-month period with no downtime," said Terri Jaschek, account executive at Cox Business, Orange Coast.

"In the end, I just went to the office one evening, unplugged one cable and plugged in the other," says Mr. Niroumand. There was no disruption whatsoever.

The next day, something happened that doesn’t happen often to IT Managers. Mr. Niroumand received a number of proactive emails and in-person comments about the network speed. Right away the users noticed the impact of the changeover. Mr. Niroumand is quick to point out that he actually gets the ten megabytes of speed.

Cameron Health remains happy with its decision to switch to Cox. "The service at Cox has been excellent, proactive. The technical team is always easy to reach if I have any questions. And the network has been fast and reliable," says Mr. Niroumand. "Ultimately, the switchover to Cox Business has had a great impact on Cameron Health’s business. It’s allowed us to collaborate and innovate quickly, which ultimately will help us to continue to grow."

Mr. Niroumand knows that as Cameron Health continues to grow, the company may need to upgrade again. But help is only a phone call away, and the solution will be simple and affordable. Another benefit of COI is that it is scalable. With the flip of a switch, Cox can quickly upgrade Cameron Health from 10 MB of speed to 1 GB or higher.

The Cox team worked with Cameron Health’s staff and vendors to assess their current services and understand their requirements. This process was crucial in coming up with the proposed solution to meet both their application needs as well as their budgetary considerations. The net result: Cameron Health more than doubled its network capacity and, at the same time, realized a 20% cost savings. Our successful relationship continues today as their communication consultant and business partner.

Cox Business is proud that it can deliver on the needs of healthcare organizations—small and large. With more than 48 years in the telecommunications industry, Cox, with an expertise in serving local businesses, has been serving Orange County for more than 13 years, offering dedicated account representatives, no matter how small the budget. This aspect is critical as local organizations typically have smaller IT departments. But they can count on Cox Business to be by their side to troubleshoot and solve network-related issues.

Does your healthcare organization need an upgrade? Call us at 866-906-7248. We can help.

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