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SIP Trunking Service

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Demonstrating SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking provides robust features that ensures your customers reach your employees. Watch the demo to find out more about what SIP Trunking is and how it provides business continuity and scalability in an efficient, affordable way.

Cox Business SIP Trunking capabilities

The technology behind SIP Trunking is the newest way of enabling voice communications and also provides new features and applications that directly benefit your business. So, whether your business requires scalable service to support call centers or remote employees, or experiences a large volume of inbound or outbound calling, we have the solution to fit your telecommunications needs.

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Important additional voice service information

For additional terms and conditions, service agreements, and important 911 information, visit our Legal and Regulatory Information page.

Minimum term service agreement required. Telephone Modem equipment may be required. Telephone Modem uses household electrical power to operate and has backup battery power provided by Cox if electricity is interrupted. Telephone service, including access to e911 service, will not be available during an extended power outage or if the modem is moved or inoperable. For long distance service Cox must be selected as both primary interexchange carrier and local interexchange carrier.  Long distance minutes apply only to outbound, direct-dialed calls within the United States and to Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.  Long distance minutes that are sold in minute packs or packages are billed in six second increments and fractions of minutes are rounded up to the next full minute.   Unused long distance minutes do not carry over to the next month. Overage rate will be charged for each additional long distance minute after long distance minutes in package are used. Early termination of service agreement including minute packs may result in re-rate of long distance minutes - see service agreement for details.  Other restrictions apply. Telephone services are provided by an affiliate of Cox Communications, Inc.