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Cox Private Line

Features and functions to tailor your package
Bandwidth/speeds available plus a connection that fits

Your particular speed/price needs and destination determine the size of your line. At-your-door symmetrical bandwidths offered depend on your specific physical address and are generally available at these dedicated levels:

  • DS-1 – 1.544 Mbps digital circuit, supporting up to 24 DS-0s
    The most common speed used for voice and data communictaions for small to medium sized locations 
  • DS-3 – 44.736 Mbps digital circuit, supporting up to 28 DS-1s or 672 DS-0s
    Commonly used for medium to larger locations
  • OC-3 – 155.62 Mbps optical circuit, supporting up to 3 DS-3s or 84 DS-1s
    Good for customers with high bandwidth and mixed-media needs
  • OC-12 – 622.08 Mbps optical circuit, supporting up to 4 OC-3s, 12 DS-3s or 336 DS-1s
    Sized right for data center, call center and command connections
  • OC-48 – 2,488 Mbps optical circuit, supporting up to 48 DS-3s or 1,344 DS-1s
    Very high-speed SONET transport service when your transaction volumes demand it
  • OC-192 – 9.6 Gbps optical circuit, supporting up to 192 DS-3s
    Only for the biggest needs - you know who you are.
Technical data

These are available options for your Private Line connection:

  • Channel configurations – Full –lear or channelized configurations are supported
  • Customer Interfaces Available – RJ45, BNC, RS232 and FC, SC, ST optical connectors  

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