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Cox Carrier Access Service

Advanced features for your business
Configurations Supported
  • Channelized or full clear channel configurations available
  • DS-1 to SD-3 MUXed
  • Wavelength and/or Lambda
Customer Interfaces Available

Variety of hand-off interfaces available, including RJ45, BNC, SFP and FC, SC and ST optical connectors

Cox DS-1 Customer End Loop

1.544 Mbps (DS-1) digital circuit Super Frame (SF) or Extended Super Frame (ESF) AMI or B8ZS line coding

Cox DS-3 Customer End Loop

44.736 Mbps digital circuit

Cox OC-3 Customer End Loop

155.62 Mbps optical circuit

Cox OC-12 Customer End Loop or Carrier Interconnection

622.08 Mbps optical circuit

Cox OC-48 Customer End Loop or Carrier Interconnection
  • 2.488 Gbps optical circuit
  • 2.5Gb wave
Cox OC-192 Customer End Loop or Carrier Interconnection
  • 9.952 Gbps optical circuit
  • 10Gb wave
Special Circuits
  • Lambda
  • Video transport
  • Wholesale CBI

Carrier Access

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