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San Diego, California


“No matter what sort of applications we’ve wanted to offer, Cox Business has been willing to work with us and make it happen.”
Doug Hecht - Vice President & Cofounder, Console

Services Provided: 10Mbps Internet Connection

Console, a world-class web application company, conceives, designs and implements business solutions for NBC Entertainment, Universal Studios and other national and local organizations. Obviously, reliable connections are key when providing such services, and Console needed a high-bandwidth, "always available" Internet connection that would create a solid environment for its clients. Plus, it wanted a partner that could provide good technical support to its in-house technicians.


After looking at a variety of options, Console determined that Cox Business was the only one that could provide the reliability and customer service it needed, at the right price. Cox Business recommended a new 10Mbps fiber-optic connection along with a number of cable modems that would help Console conduct a range of services from hosting websites and video archives to managing every aspect of live audio and video streaming.


With its reliable new Internet connection, Console was able to expand the services it offers to its clients. For example, NBC asked Console to create a new website containing an array of information that would be updated in real time. The new network allowed Console to create an extensive database management tool for secure management, storage, retrieval and high-speed distribution of massive amounts of information. The new site, NBC Media Village, contained real-time information on show schedules, storylines, bios and video clips that were available on demand. The user-friendly back-end system allowed the NBC press and publicity department to instantly update and add information without the need for a web designer.

NBC was so impressed that it asked Console to relaunch its current website. The stability, reliability and increased bandwidth enabled Console to create a custom content management and publishing system from which the site builds automatically more than 20 times per day. USA Today named the site "Best Network Site" in September 2001. And Console was able to launch the product in just 30 days. "Now we can increase the scope of our projects and provide customers with a wider range of services," said Doug Hecht, Vice President and Cofounder of Console. "Limitations are just not an issue anymore."

In addition, the new connection has resulted in faster turnaround times for all Console clients, and the new ring-in-ring redundant network has provided continuous, secure connections.

"No matter what sort of applications we've wanted to offer, Cox Business has been willing to work with us and make it happen," said Hecht. "We've never had an issue of not enough bandwidth. And their customer service has been incredible. They've been here at all hours of the day and night just to make sure everything ran well. We've never had a problem."

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