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Quonset Davisville Port & Commerce Park

North Kingstown, Rhode Island


“We were confident that Cox Business was a partner we could rely on for its expertise and professionalism. That combination of qualities makes for a winning team!”
George Prete - Vice President and General Manager, Quonset Davisville Port and Commerce Park

CoxSmart Buildings have access to all services delivered over fiber and hybrid fiber coax (HFC). Services provided to Quonset include: Basic Business Lines, Centrex Service, Local messaging (local minutes of use), Long Distance Service, High Speed Internet (HFC based), Wholesale Internet (fiber based), VAN and Datalink TV.

Quonset Davisville Port and Commerce Park is a 3,000-acre former military base recognized as a world-class intermodal, industrial and commerce park. Most of its tenants received telecommunications services via copper lines. But the tenants' growing needs required a system that could handle more capacity.

The goal was to create a new network that included broadband services. However, the park didn't have broadband access. The challenge was to create the network without disrupting tenants or interfering with traffic flow.


Cox Business presented a long-term plan for building a broadband network throughout the park - at no cost to the state. The plan was to wire the park in 3 stages, beginning in the portion that had a dense concentration of tenants and a high level of demand. As construction finished in other areas of the park, Cox Business would follow with its network.

"The partnership between Cox Business and the Corporation is a solid alliance with similar goals that benefit our tenants," said George Prete, Vice President and General Manager of Quonset Davisville Port & Commerce Park. "Their attentiveness to the needs of the park's business community, while getting the job done, has been key to the success of the project."


Within months, broadband services were available in the first section of the park, and in a portion of the second section. "We are pleased to report that the project is on schedule," said Prete. "And that's great news for the continued growth of the park."

Future build-out of the Quonset Davisville Port and Commerce Park will never outgrow its new broadband platform. Plus, the unlimited capacity will allow for a variety of services to meet the wide range of the tenants' needs.

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