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MGM Grand Sky Lofts

Las Vegas, Nevada


In early 2004, Cox Hospitality Network was approached by MGM Hotel Operations with a requirement to provide high definition programming to the Sky Lofts well in advance of the hotel VoD manufacturers being able to deliver such features. 

There were several challenges facing Cox HN and MGM Operations in delivering this solution. Cox Hospitality Network joined MGM Operations determined the following requirements

  • The system needed to be placed, cost effectively, only in the Sky Lofts
  • The system needed to support residential TV’s including Bang & Olfsen
  • The system needed to provide HD programming to match the quality of the new TV’s
  • The system should cater to the demands of the ultimate guests in Sky Lofts.
  • The system needed to be installed in just a few months

At the time of the request, the hotel VoD suppliers where not positioned to provide HD programming for FTG and VoD. In fact, the systems that where available were very expensive and one-of-a-kind solutions. 


Since Cox HN is a division of one of the largest cable operators in the US, Cox HN was able to leverage existing residential technology to provide what is, even today, a system with the most advanced features. Cox HN essentially used the same residential Set Tops that are available in your home to be installed at Sky Lofts. The system included:

  • Building a two-way cable plant in the Sky Lofts and the Set Tops
  • A stand-alone TV server for “First Run” content.
  • Easy integration with most any TV using IR controls
  • Capability to offer hundreds of digital channels, Pay-Per-View events and advanced sound

What Cox HN did was use the existing residential servers and infrastructure to deliver the basic package of hundreds of channels and On Demand content. Cox HN then added an additional TV server to serve only MGM. This new TV server contained all the “First Run” content. The only challenge was that this system was not built to provide 1-to-1 guest billing to the PMS. So, Cox HN developed a business model where the MGM pays a flat rate and the guest can see all the services MGM wants to include. MGM was given the entire Cox digital and analog lineup to choose from.


As a division of one of the largest Multiple System Operators (MSO) in the US, Cox HN can leverage technology, programming and its local network to provide custom solutions for the most discerning MGM guests.

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