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Healthcare Solutions

Partnering with healthcare providers to deliver the best in communications

We know that the way, and speed, in which you respond to your patients' needs can transform their level of medical care. Our fast, reliable and secure communications services can provide better ways to manage your patients' data, improve efficiency and minimize costs. As a healthcare provider, your business demands, and deserves, the best in communications solutions.

How your healthcare organization can benefit...
  • Fast and reliable solutions. Hospitals and clinics from coast to coast have benefited from our lightning-fast Optical Internet, business-grade phone service and advanced HD business TV. Our suite of dependable solutions will maximize your efficiency, so you can focus more time on what's most critical.

  • Mutually strong partnership. Partnering with Cox Business can streamline your communications, increase productivity, and save your business money in the process.

  • A secure and protected network. Solutions designed to keep you compliant with all federal government regulations.

  • Unmatchable results. Scalable, effective solutions, unsurpassed technological tools and a better way to track, organize and analyze your patients’ data. That’s what Cox Business is here to provide.

  • Exceptional service and 24-hour support. Local and responsive, we're dedicated to supporting your healthcare business 24/7 with 4-hour resolution time and a skillful, customer-focused team.

  • A network with a proven record. Fiber optics can increase bandwidth, which is why we use it extensively in our network. Since 1990, fiber optics has been part of the supporting backbone that allows us to deliver the latest in advanced technology. Satisfying our customers is always our top priority, so we designed our scalable network with future growth in mind.


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