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Apple Federal Credit Union

Fairfax, Virginia


“Any company interested in adding redundancy to its network at an affordable price should highly consider Cox Business.”
Juan Batista - Vice President of Information Technology, Apple Federal Credit Union (Apple FCU)

Services Provided: Cox Optical InternetSM, Cox Business InternetSM, Cox Digital Telephone®

Apple Federal Credit Union (Apple FCU) understands the importance of education in building for the future. That’s why the company offers competitive financial solutions to students, parents, faculty and staff in the Fairfax County public school system, in addition to George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College and numerous local businesses.

Apple FCU’s vision is to be the premier financial institution serving the educational community. But recently, Apple FCU found itself in need of its own solutions, primarily in the communications area. With 13 branches, 170 employees and 78,000 members, the company needed high-speed, reliable voice and data communications in order to give its members the best service possible.

Specifically, Apple FCU had three primary requirements. First was to allow personnel in four of the company’s branch offices to quickly send and receive consumer financial data to and from these branch locations in Fairfax County to a loan scoring vendor in Louisiana. Second was to facilitate network redundancy during outages and network failures. The final requirement was to offer fast, reliable Internet service to Apple FCU’s headquarters branch.

Unfortunately, Apple FCU’s current communications provider was offering minimal service, with a large number of network failures. And calls to its customer service department were frustrating and time-consuming. “Whenever we needed to make any service-impacting changes, such as ordering new services, changing an existing service, or adding or decreasing bandwidth, we practically had to beg our provider to make it happen,” said Juan Batista, Vice President of IT.


Cox Business had a strong relationship with the Fairfax County school system, and Apple FCU was aware of Cox Business’s local connection and strong commitment to community service.

And in a happy coincidence, Cox Northern Virginia was one of Apple FCU’s Select Employee Groups, which allows Cox employees to join the Credit Union. So we approached Apple FCU about its communications needs and caught the company at just the right moment.

After reviewing the situation, we recommended adding Cox Optical Internet 10Mbps to more quickly facilitate Apple FCU’s loan transaction process. We also recommended adding Cox Business Internet and Cox Business Telephone to solve the redundancy issue, and Cox Optical Internet 3Mbps to equip the headquarters branch with the fast reliable Internet service needed.


According to Batista, “there is no comparison of Cox’s service to the T1 service we had with our previous provider. The increase in bandwidth has been a tremendous benefit to us, as it allows our employees to quickly transfer highly sensitive data, which reduces each loan transaction time from two days down to 30 minutes. And the reliability that Cox brings to the table is greatly appreciated.”

Batista was also pleased with the quick resolution Apple FCU gets with any problem they may have that impacts their mission-critical business. “Cox quickly identifies the issue and dispatches a team out to fix the problem,” he said.

He added having a redundant solution in place is a key factor for ACFU. “We have tested the redundancy Cox has provided and any company interested in adding redundancy to its network at an affordable price should highly consider Cox Business,” said Batista.

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