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Technical Software Services

Pensacola, FL


“Cox is the only vendor we’ve encountered where we have easy access to their technicians – others say they provide access but our experience does not support this claim.”
Dan Shanholtz, Technical Software Services, Inc.

Services Provided: Cox Optical InternetSM

The broadband communications partner you choose better know its stuff when your business is all about software development, technologybased training, telecommunications support, information systems security, web development and e-commerce. And when the clients you deliver your communications solutions to are made up of government organizations requiring maximum reliability and security, the challenge is even greater.

Technical Software Services, Inc. — TECHSOFT for short ( — has a long and impressive resume of innovation and service as an information technology provider to government agencies and commercial enterprises. Clients such as the National Security Agency, SSC Charleston, SSC San Diego, NSGA Pensacola and many others come to TECHSOFT with high demands for dependability and security. The company is also a certified partner with Novell®, Oracle®, Microsoft® and Citrix®.

“As an Internet and applications service provider, we host servers for several agencies and companies, host websites and provide access to many different applications,” said TECHSOFT’s Dan Shanholtz. “We know this business inside and out, and we need a data services provider who knows it inside and out, too. That’s why we switched to Cox.”


“There is no provider with communications more reliable and stable than Cox,” said Shanholtz. “Their fiber-based communications give us the reliability and stability we need to maintain critical operations for ourselves and our clients.”

In 2003, TECHSOFT changed from a single T-1 connection from Cox to the current 6.0Mbps Cox fiber-based connection the company uses today. Cox’s easy scalability allows the company to increase bandwidth an additional 2.0Mbps all the way up to OC-3 at any point to meet demand. This seamless scalability has allowed TECHSOFT to keep pace with the needs of the marketplace.

Service and support are keys to the high level of satisfaction TECHSOFT continues to experience with Cox Business. “It’s an extra level of assurance and comfort for us that Cox has a true local presence here,” said Shanholtz. “The ability to call and talk directly with a technician about issues we’re facing is crucial to minimizing downtime. Cox is the only vendor we’ve encountered where we have easy access to their technicians. Others say they provide access, but our experience does not support this claim.”


TECHSOFT continues to experience the high level of local, knowledgeable support from Cox that attracted them to the provider initially. Through this close association, the two companies are able to work together to maximize TECHSOFT’s technological capabilities so it can meet and exceed the demanding requirements of its government and commercial clients.

Late in 2004, when hurricanes struck the region, this partnership was put to the test — and Cox passed with flying colors. “Cox worked with us and nearby businesses to minimize downtime and resume operations as quickly as possible,” said Shanholtz. “In addition, Cox representatives are working closely with us to improve our ability even further to maintain communications during any future natural disasters or unexpected outages.”

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