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SIP Trunking Service

Features and options to suit your business
Personal Mobility

With the Personal Mobility option, you and your employees will enjoy the following features:

  • Remote Office displays your business phone line even if you’re calling from another location.
  • Simultaneous Ring enables calls to a single phone number to ring in multiple locations.
  • Personal Call Manager includes Three-Way Calling, Click to Dial, Call Logs, Voice Conferencing and Phone List.
  • Voice Portal Calling allows remote access to features like Change your PIN, Personal Status Manager and Call Forwarding.
  • Sequential Ring routes calls through a list of phone numbers you define.
Business Continuity

Keep your business running during service disruptions with these two key features:

  • Destination Not Reachable enables incoming calls to be automatically routed to another trunk group or to a different phone number during a destination-unreachable condition. When service is restored, calls will automatically be routed back to your primary location.
  • Call Forwarding Always can be controlled from any location where your administrator can access the web. The feature unconditionally forwards all incoming calls from a trunk group to another phone number, such as an answering service, or to an alternate location. Calls will continue to be forwarded until your administrator deactivates this feature.
Multi-Site Shared Trunking

Customers with more than one location within the same Cox service area will be able to dynamically share trunk capacity across these locations.


In addition to providing standard trunk services, SIP Trunking can offer an option to burst the voice trunk group. Bursting enables businesses to temporarily expand their local voice channel capacity and bandwidth in a SIP trunk group to accommodate increased communication traffic.

Exceptional Customer Care

SIP Trunking service is a dependable, fully supported connection with 24/7 monitoring provided by our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC). Plus, we back our service with our responsive and experienced customer-focused team for the care you deserve.

SIP Trunking Demo

Discover how SIP Trunking delivers savings and flexibility.

Minimum term service agreement required. Telephone Modem equipment may be required. Telephone Modem uses household electrical power to operate and has backup battery power provided by Cox if electricity is interrupted. Telephone service, including access to e911 service, will not be available during an extended power outage or if the modem is moved or inoperable. For long distance service Cox must be selected as both primary interexchange carrier and local interexchange carrier.  Long distance minutes apply only to outbound, direct-dialed calls within the United States and to Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.  Long distance minutes that are sold in minute packs or packages are billed in six second increments and fractions of minutes are rounded up to the next full minute.   Unused long distance minutes do not carry over to the next month. Overage rate will be charged for each additional long distance minute after long distance minutes in package are used. Early termination of service agreement including minute packs may result in re-rate of long distance minutes - see service agreement for details.  Other restrictions apply. Telephone services are provided by an affiliate of Cox Communications, Inc.