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City of San Clemente

Orange County, California


Situation: The City of San Clemente, California, home to approximately 67,000 residents, is a thriving resort destination in Orange County.

Recently, several new residential building projects and an influx of new businesses prompted a "growth spurt" for San Clemente, which caused a host of information management headaches for the city’s information technology experts. The city’s existing telecom infrastructure was no longer able to handle the daily demands of its many remote offices.

The city’s Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure consisted of eight T-1 circuits which were operating at or near capacity, hurting reliability and causing a host of other issues. Applications were slowed to a crawl along with sluggish Internet access and email problems.

The city’s eight T-1s connected its remote office locations to City Hall If City Hall experienced a connection failure, all of the other locations would go down as well. Compounding the issue was the fact that the city’s original telecommunications service provider could only offer a 12- to24-hour response time for the city’s WAN circuits. Additionally, there was no dedicated support technician assigned to the City of San Clemente account, meaning each issue had to be explained in depth to a new technician, wasting time and money.

Goals/Needs: The city needed a solution that would enable its eight offices to communicate efficiently, cost effectively and faster. Also on the wish list was the need for redundancy and disaster recovery options along with plenty of bandwidth for future growth.  "When we began negotiations with Cox Business, we had no idea that they could actually do what we had hoped for," explained Brian Brower, information systems analyst for the City of  San Clemente. "We asked for our ‘fantasy network’ and Cox actually designed and built it for us ...we were truly amazed."


Solution: Cox Business recommended a fiber optic Ethernet ring which eliminated San Clemente’s City Hall as the hub of their communications system. "The fiber ring system enables all of the remote o offices to communicate directly with each other, as if all of them are housed in the same location," explained Rogers Pessin, Cox Business Sales Engineer Supervisor. "This helps protect against catastrophe by ending their dependence on City Hall, which, as a single point of failure in the City’s original network, could have easily brought their entire network down." Because of the fiber ring structure, even if a fiber cut occurs, information can be sent in the opposite direction around the ring, so there is no loss of data and no down time.

Besides the current benefits, the city will be using the new fiber optic ring for future VoIP application s , enabling al l of their locations with both telephone and data capabilities. Cox Business completed fiber construction and equipment deployment in less than six months, providing the City of San Clemente with LAN speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps over WAN distances and a scalable system with plenty of room to grow.

One highly visible benefit of the new infrastructure is the city’s website, which is now faster than ever before and includes streaming vide o of many k e y locations so website visitors can check the surf, see activity on the pier, etc.


According to Brower, there are often unique issues and challenges when installing physical infrastructure for public projects, and Cox worked closely with the IT group, planners and others to overcome those challenges. The project has resulted in a scalable, redundant system with enough bandwidth for future needs.  "Cox worked with us to overcome some interesting challenges, and we are very happy with there result," said Brower.

"Because of the fiberring’s large capacity, as the city’s bandwidth requirements continue to grow, there should be no issue with future band width limitations. Cox provides responsive local customer service, and because Cox owns and supplies the equipment and provides proactive network monitoring, we don’t worry about technical support issues." Brower added, "This is a state-of-the-art solution, and we will be set for years to come.
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