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Terranea Resort

Palos Verdes, California


"When we began to create the resort, we knew we wanted to be on the cutting edge when we opened. It was important to us to have the best technology we could in the resort for the overall guest experience, and we sought out Cox Business and worked very diligently with them. They were involved through the whole planning process. Cox Business began working with Terranea three years before the resort opened."
Terri Haack, Terranea Executive Vice President and Managing Director

Dramatically poised above the Pacific Ocean with unsurpassed 270-degree waterfront views, Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula offers the ultimate luxury experience.

Guests dine in spectacular venues, play golf on a nine-hole course and have numerous relaxation options, including decompressing in a world-class spa, roaming lush gardens and swimming in the resort’s pools.

Terranea officials considered every detail, large and small, to provide the best ambiance for their guests. That planning also extended to their visitors’ television experience.


Realizing that business and vacation travelers associate high-definition television with a premium guest experience, Terranea decided to provide guests the option of viewing more than two dozen high-definition channels provided by Cox Business. Cox Business also provides Terranea with an additional 62 digital channels.

All of the 582 rooms at the Terranea have flat-screen televisions and HD, even units that are for sale. In all, the resort, which also has televisions in shared spaces such as bars and restaurants, has 640 televisions that offer HD. A high-definition TV signal has twice the color resolution and imparts a picture that is six times sharper than that provided by a traditional analog TV set.

"We are just grateful that we had the partnership we had with Cox and were to make a forward-thinking decision because it would be very difficult to rectify right now" if we hadn’t," Haack said. "Their business division is very forward thinking."

"People expect that we would be providing HD for them. And quite frankly, it’s our association with Cox early on that really helped us make that decision."

More and more hotels, particularly the better hotels and resorts, understand the importance of offering HD to their guests, according to Sam Chung, Product Marketing Manager for Cox Business. "People are getting familiar with the quality of HD and flat-screen TVs in their home environments. They expect that picture quality," Chung said. "More and more hotel chains are requiring HD of their owners under their franchise. Travelers are kind of expecting it for the higher-end resorts. "

"It is definitely a trend," Chung said. "It’s definitely the direction of hospitality, especially in higher-end hotels." 


Cox Business’ standard offer includes 24 encrypted high-definition channels to hotel customers, including local broadcast channels and premium sports and movie channels, but can expand to support additional high definition channels based on individual hotel needs.

High definition services can be integrated into many of the more commonly used Video On Demand (VOD) entertainment systems to deliver a seamless experience for hotel guests. Cox Business works closely with each hotel property owner to ensure the service is properly installed and delivers a crystal clear picture to each guest room.

As part of its total telecommunications portfolio, Cox Business provides TV packages designed specifically for businesses. Solutions for private offices, break rooms and waiting rooms include an additional news and finance option for businesses and a family-oriented package for service industries. The offers are designed specifically to create more cost effective TV options for businesses through custom channel line-ups, while still allowing them to provide the content that is most relevant to their customer and employee audiences.

Terranea offers 26 HD channels, including HBO, Discovery, CNN, ESPN, National Geographic and A&E. If the resort did not offer HD, that would surely register on guest satisfaction surveys, according to Haack.

"We had a rainy January," she said, but the HD programming allowed guests to have a more enjoyable experience, even if they couldn’t be outside.

Nelson’s, the resort’s oceanside bar and restaurant, has four televisions that feature HD programming, making it a popular gathering spot during sporting events. "It’s a wonderful local place to go and people know we have great programming," Haack said. Nelson’s was packed during the game on Super Bowl Sunday. The resort also brought in two additional TVs and showed the game outside.

"People came here specifically to watch the game. People also went there on Saturdays to see college games," she said. And guests and local residents enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics in HD. Guests have also held parties in their rooms or villas during awards ceremonies, she said. There are numerous advantages to not only offering guests HD but providing it through Cox Business. HD is definitely affordable through Cox Business, and delivers unparalleled picture quality.

All of the HD technology at Terranea is delivered via fiber optic connections, which allow for greater bandwidth and speed. "We can grow with their needs whenever they want it," said Ali Sobhani, Account Manager for Cox Business, who has been working with the resort since it broke ground. "That’s an important factor when they use fiber optic connections."

In addition, the relationship that is formed long before the installation proves to be invaluable. "Once you are in it every step of the way with them, they know exactly what you are going to be doing," Sobhani said. "They used us for consultation so they didn’t spend money on the wrong kind of equipment."

Cox Business has a local presence and exceptional customer service, Chung said. "We’ve got our own technicians that make calls every time there is an issue. We can be there within a matter of hours, if not minutes." Haack said she has experienced stellar service from Cox.

When a tiny encrypting issue arose, Cox, Terranea, and the pay-per-view provider all got together to resolve it, she said. "Cox got everybody on the phone and we had a conference call and we fixed the issue. It was inspirational," she said. "I wish all businesses could work that closely together."

In fact, Cox is so invested in the resort’s success that it recently held a large corporate meeting of more than 500 people at Terranea that included Cox’s senior leaders from Atlanta.

"I think that demonstrates the commitment to our partnership," Haack said. "They want us to be successful and they are bringing their corporate attendees here." Haack said Terranea  sees Cox Business as a real partner, not only for providing exemplary service but because Cox always has the resort’s well being in mind. "We continue to evolve our relationship with them," Haack said. "That’s a really important aspect of us working together with Cox."

She also said it’s been extremely important for the resort to have one point of contact, someone who will take care of all their needs and answer questions if they come up. "That is really valuable when you are opening a new property - to know you can call one person," Haack said.

Haack said she has been continuously impressed with Cox. "It’s been amazing to watch their service, how they are readily available because they know how important the guest experience is here," she said. For Cox, customer satisfaction has always been paramount.

"From what I understand, they are extremely happy with the fact that the service is reliable and happy with the implementation timeline that allowed them to meet their deadlines, " Cox's Sobhani said. "That was a great win for them."

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