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Cox Optical Internet

The best Internet features from a true partnership
Bandwidth/speeds available and the connection that fits

Interfaces. Multiple interface options, including 10/100/1G/10G Ethernet and legacy DS-n and OC-n interfaces

Premium Connectivity

Choose from single, dual, and multi-homed connectivity, the option that best suits your needs, based on such factors as high availability, load balancing, link redundancy or ISP redundancy requirements.

IP addressing

IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack address leasing options providing advanced routing and support for BGP configurations.

Customer Premise Equipment

Receive Cox owned and maintained, next-generation equipment, delivering on-premise fiber-optic facilities to your business.

Enterprise Grade Service Level Agreements

Performance guarantees and financial remedies for Network Delivery, Latency, Data Delivery and Service Response time.

Business Class Customer Support

With Cox Optical Internet, your business receives the support of a dedicated, knowledgeable group of experts, right in your area.

Optical Internet

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