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'Joe Job' - Returned Email You Never Sent

Last Updated: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 > Related Articles


Learn more about receiving a response from an email you never sent.


Spammers have been using a technique called 'Joe Job'. In this technique, the spammer replaces the 'From' address with a known email other than their own. These email addresses have been harvested from infected computer address books, usenet groups, guestbook lists and other means.

You may receive a returned or 'bounced' email from a company stating the intended recipient (the 'TO' email address) does not exist. More than likely, you did not send out this piece of email. The spammer has obtained your email address from one of the methods described above and is using it as the 'From' or 'Return Path' address. Since these address are forged into the 'From' section of the email and are not originating on the Cox network, Cox is not in a position to take action. 


Please follow the link provided for some additional information and one persons experience with this type of spam:


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