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Laguna Beach United School District

Laguna Beach, California


The Laguna Beach United School District (LBUSD) and Cox Communications recently announced that LBUSD is the first Cox Business Services customer in Orange County to use a unique, high-capacity, cost-efficient cable platform for its district-wide telecommunications infrastructure.


The new link provides a reliable and robust connection between LBUSD’s elementary, middle, and high schools and the district office, and will provide the district’s 2,969 students with faster and more secure Internet capabilities for streaming video, teacher and student Web pages, on-line classes and more. The new infrastructure was recommended by Victor Guthrie, LBUSD director of technology.

The contract, which offered the most services at the lowest cost, was awarded to Cox Communications by the Baseboard of Education. “This expanded enterprise data network and Internet service from Cox Business Services will open new doors to our students and take their educational opportunities to new heights,” says Guthrie. “Thanks to Cox’s comprehensive response, students at El Morro, Top of the World, and Thurston will have 28 times their previous speed and capacity while our Laguna Beach High School students will have 142 times their previous speed and capacity.


The new platform from Cox Business Services system replaces the district’s digital subscriber line (DSL) connection. The new platform is called a Transparent LAN (LocalArea Network) Connection over HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax). "This change will dramatically increase the time our students spend on academics by decreasing time spent waiting to access information on the computer.”

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