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Cox Business VoiceManagerSM

Commercial phone service features help you optimize your company telephone communications
VoiceManager Office Features

Cox Business VoiceManager Office treats you to big-company features no matter what size your business is and without compromising on quality or professionalism. Office includes 20+ features:

  • Call Forwarding (Always, Busy, No Answer)
  • Call Forwarding Not Reachable (Specifically delivers disaster recovery. Calls are routed to another number in the event that your service is not available – such as during a weather emergency or a fire.)
  • Call Hold
  • Call Return
  • Call Trace
  • Call Transfer
  • Calling ID Name and Number Delivery (internal & external)
  • Call Waiting
  • Multi-site extension dialing
  • Redial
  • Speed Dial 8
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Toolbar
  • Web portal

Plus, these options are available for no additional charge:

  • Voice mail
  • Hunting (one per customer)
    Hunting is a multi-phone call rollover feature that helps you manage incoming calls across a group of phone numbers.

You select the number of VoiceManager Office phone lines you want then complete your service selection with any additional phone services you may need, like a long distance plan or toll-free numbers.

VoiceManager Anywhere Features

VoiceManager Anywhere is the ally of the road warrior. The 30+ features serve the more sophisticated call handling needs of busy professionals and mobility for conducting business outside of the office. It includes all the features of VoiceManager Office plus these productivity-boosting features:

  • Simultaneous ring
    Incoming phone calls ring to up to 10 phone numbers at the same time to speed up call answering.
  • Sequential ring
    This find me/follow me service lets an incoming call ring to a series of up to five different phone numbers to locate you. If the call goes to voice mail, the voice message is left in your primary mailbox.
  • Remote Office
    Call from a desk, home, hotel or mobile phone while your caller ID identifies you as your primary phone number and calls are billed to your office account.
  • Priority alert
    Special ring tone to alert you of an important call.
  • Call Forward Selective
  • Call screening
  • Instant call group
  • Music on hold
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Call park/call pickup
  • Do not disturb
  • Selective Call acceptance/rejection
  • Speed Dial 100

Plus, these options are available for no additional charge:

  • Voice mail with unified messaging
  • Hunting (one per customer)
    Hunting is a multi-phone call rollover feature that helps you manage incoming calls across a group of phone numbers.
  • Auto Attendant (one per customer)
    Provides automated phone answering and call routing, like a virtual receptionist. Popular uses include letting callers find out hours of operation and directions on their own, or let them select to speak to a person by dialing by name or extension.
Call Management: Toolbar

The downloadable Toolbar gives you control of your phone from your Internet Explorer web browser or Microsoft Outlook. With a click of the mouse you can:

  • Dial, answer, transfer or place calls on hold
  • Activate call forwarding, Remote Office and do not disturb
  • Access call logs, personal and group call directories with click to call capability

With Toolbar, you’ll work faster and smarter with click to call, click to answer and click to transfer


Call Management: MyAccount Web Portal

For those businesses that like a little more control of their features, MyAccount Web Portal lets you assign an administrator who can dynamically:

  • Update Auto Attendant recordings
  • Change Hunting settings
  • Manage employee access
Call Management: Voice Portal

For those who prefer to manage their features using the telephone or do not have immediate access to a computer, the voice portal is an interactive voice application to remotely activate or deactivate features. Simply dial the Voice Portal number and follow the prompts to update:

  • Personal status profile (In office, out of office, busy, or unavailable)
  • Call forwarding options
  • Manage employee access
Cox Business Service Assurance Plan

The Service Assurance Plan is an option that protects against the unexpected repair costs from inside wiring problems. The Plan gives you the peace of mind that comes from calling one provider when an issue arrises. You get both diagnosis and repair  from experienced, relaible Cox Business technicians that are empowered to solve a phone or wire issue with your service call.  

The plan:

  • Covers the associated voice or voice/data outlets supplying VoiceManager service
  • Your service call will support Cox-owned/supplied equipment as well as the wiring of the service, getting you back up and running in the shortest time possible
  • Is available for a low, monthly cost per outlet
  • Coverage includes diagnosis and repair of the inside wire required to support various outlet devices; there is no limit on the number of outlets supported
  • Inside wiring is defined as the wire that runs between an outlet (wall jack) and the customer side of the Cox network demarcation point
  • An outlet supports a standalone phone or an integrated voice/data service on the same Ethernet connection
  • Customer-owned or 3rd-party equipment isn't covered, but upon our diagnostics and repairs, you'll know where your problem lies 

You can call us to add the Service Assurance Plan. To learn more about this agreement, you can see the terms and conditions found in the Voice general terms and conditions supplemental agreement.

VoiceManager Anywhere Only...

/mo. w/3 yr. agreement

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Which option suits you? VoiceManager Office VoiceManager Anywhere
Good for . . . Employees working in stores, offices, restaurants Working outside the office & home offices
# of phone lines included 1 1
# of call features (i.e. caller ID) 20+ 30+
Local calling unlimited unlimited
Long distance calling optional optional
Messaging Voice Mail Voice Mail with Unified Messaging
Auto Attendant - Included
Music/Message On Hold - Included
Remote Office - Included
Shopping Assistant
  • Find special offers and pricing for your business:

Minimum term service agreement required. Telephone Modem equipment may be required. Telephone Modem uses household electrical power to operate and has backup battery power provided by Cox if electricity is interrupted. Telephone service, including access to e911 service, will not be available during an extended power outage or if the modem is moved or inoperable. For long distance service, Cox must be selected as both primary interexchange carrier and local interexchange carrier. Nationwide long distance minutes apply only to outbound, direct-dialed calls within the United States and to Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa. Early termination of service agreement may result in re-rate of long distance minutes, see service agreement for details. Other restrictions apply. Telephone services are provided by an affiliate of Cox Communications, Inc.