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Cox Voice Mail

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Standard Features

Automatic Call Back within the Voice Mail System* - Allows you to reply to a voice mail message if the caller's number is captured in the voice mail system.

Extended Absence Greeting Unskippable - Creates a message that your callers can’t bypass.

Future Delivery - Enables you to create up to 3 voice mails for delivery up to 15 days in the future.

Group Lists - Create up to 15 group lists with 25 numbers each to send messages simultaneously to everyone on the list.

Message Forwarding/Sending - Allows you to forward or send a voice mail message to another mailbox within the system.

Message Recovery - Lets you recover deleted messages before you exit the voice mailbox.

Message Redirect - Allows you to forward a message to another mailbox or group list.

Message Replay Quick Keys - Lets you fast forward or rewind messages with the press of a button.

Message Time/Date Stamp - Keeps you informed of the day and time of each message.

Multiple Greetings - Each number in your mailbox can have its own personal greeting, recorded name, busy greeting and extended absence greeting.

Prompts for Unplayed Messages - Reminds you of any unplayed messages each time you enter your voice mailbox.

Optional Features

Automatic Message Forwarding - Lets you forward messages received in your mailbox to another mailbox or phone number.

Customized Bulletin Board Applications* - This "listen only" feature allows you to provide information about your business, such as hours of operation, directions, fax numbers, website address, etc.

Fax Administration - Enables you to receive voice mail and faxes in the same mailbox. You choose to automatically or manually direct faxes to print at a primary or secondary line location.

Message Notification to Pager, Telephone or Cellular Device - Alerts you to new voice mail messages.

Urgent Message Notification Only - Allows you to limit notification messages to only those marked “Urgent.”

Automated Attendant* - Allows callers to route themselves to an extension, company directory, or operator using touch tone keys in response to a voice prompt.

Mailbox Options

Choose from different mailbox configurations that best fit your message needs:

Business Extension Mailbox – With one primary phone number, reach one main mailbox with multiple extension mailboxes. Each extension mailbox can have a separate greeting and private messages accessed with a user-created password. When a client calls your company, the main mailbox greets callers and presents them with the list of extension mailboxes for direct access.

Group (Multiple Number) Mailbox - This option allows multiple phone numbers to access one central mailbox. Each number will hear a single greeting, prompting the caller to leave a voice message which goes into the central mailbox. This option serves a single user who has several phone numbers but wants the convenience and lower cost of a single message location.

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*Product or feature may not be available in all areas.